Procedurally Generated Buildings

As I’ve been working on making a decent looking map generator for After the Collapse over last month, this article will serve a multi-purpose goal of being a devlog, a coding tutorial for other programmers, and a modding tutorial for you guys. We’ll be talking about making good looking buildings using procedural generation and putting everything needed in a small, human-friendly text file. I’ll try to keep it simple and understandable for anyone, even without coding experience.

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Unending Galaxy 1.3.2 (experimental build)

With After The Collapse being actively developed, it’s not possible for us to spend lot of time on Unending Galaxy. But, due to popular demand and because it’s still our first passion project, I decided to allocate some more time to fix the few remaining issues and clean up the code a bit. To that effect we released an experimental build on Steam. If you want to try this new experimental build, please check this topic, it contains everything you need to know.

Once we’re done testing that build, it will, of course, be released on too.

After the Collapse – devlog #5: There Shall Be Light

Hello there!

First of all, this devlog is long overdue and happy new year! So, a lot has happened since the last article regarding the game both directly and indirectly. I am going to detail the concrete improvements I made to the in-house build and go over After the Collapse‘s release and development goals. As usual, and while I generally try to not over-promise, keep in mind that we’re still in a very early stage, as such it is subject to changes. Fair warning, its a meaty article to make up for the lack of activity in January.

In any case, happy reading 🙂

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Server Maintenance Over

Anarkis Gaming

Server maintenance over. Our forums and wiki are now up to date and functional. We however had to roll back to the forum’s default theme. We also switched to PHP 7 and the website should feel more responsive in general.

Original Post:

Due to technical issues and slowdowns, we’re in the process of reinstalling and updating our forums and the Wiki, making some changes to the server’s configuration in the process. Those services might be unavailable in coming hours. This post will be updated when we’re done.

Our apologies for the inconvenience.


After the Collapse – devlog #4: Survivors and UI

Hi there, it’s time for another devlog detailing the progress made on After the Collapse, our post-apocalyptic base building game. This article is mostly going to explain the systems I’m putting in place to have varied and interesting survivors. For the newcomers, I would suggest to give the previous article a read first. I will also go through various improvements being made to the user interface and game systems. Enjoy!

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After the Collapse – devlog #3: Multi-Tile Agents

Hi and welcome to the third devlog about After the Collapse, our post-apocalyptic base building game! Since the last article, a lot of work went into properly implementing multi-tile agents, the save/load feature and tweaking the game’s UI and rendering engine. Let’s check our progress, and as usual: screenshots are mostly using placeholder sprites and assets.

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