Initial public release.
0000051: [Mannequin (Lua API)] Mannequin.Timer does not correctly count seconds (antigravities)
0000005: [Procedural Generation] CellGeneration: roadside/city building issue (EsKa)
0000044: [Gameplay] Body Disposal (EsKa)
0000060: [Gameplay] Raid/Trade events should zoom in on target (EsKa)
0000067: [User Interface] Add game tips (EsKa)
0000053: [Artificial Intelligence] Mood swings (EsKa)
0000063: [User Interface] Add a menu to show details about a particular trait (EsKa)
0000068: [Data] Weapon strength eval function gives weird result (EsKa)
0000049: [User Interface] Game log is crap (EsKa)
0000011: [Audio] Missing SFX (EsKa)
0000065: [Economy] Farms: non functional if not enough seeds (EsKa)
0000019: [Gameplay] Trading Caravans (EsKa)
0000069: [Artificial Intelligence] Settler don't sit in dining room under specific conditions (EsKa)
0000023: [Artificial Intelligence] construction can end up blocked (EsKa)
0000041: [Gameplay] Scavenging UI (EsKa)
0000055: [General] lethal starvation (EsKa)
0000047: [User Interface] Missing power battery info (EsKa)
0000056: [Gameplay] Add a "safe" timespan for game event managers (EsKa)
0000021: [User Interface] Save/Load screen issues (EsKa)
0000037: [User Interface] Add menu for weather-based production component (EsKa)
0000043: [Artificial Intelligence] Build job generated multiple times (EsKa)
0000008: [Graphics] Savegame screenshot doesn't work in fullscreen (antigravities)
0000054: [Gameplay] End State (EsKa)
0000057: [Economy] Disabling rain collector has no effect (EsKa)
0000009: [Graphics] Sprites from content manager are occasionally corrupted (EsKa)
0000026: [Graphics] Body animations are incorrect when angle is not zero (EsKa)
0000039: [User Interface] Can't reset people screen filter to health (EsKa)
0000042: [Data] Settlers reload weapon after a save is being loaded (EsKa)
0000040: [Economy] Turrets drop their weapon (EsKa)
0000035: [User Interface] Settler Info Panel shouldn't be the same for settlers from other factions (EsKa)
0000038: [Artificial Intelligence] Attack job shooting at walls after target locked (EsKa)
0000028: [General] Recruitment Event (EsKa)
0000010: [Graphics] Missing Gun Parts picture (EsKa)
0000017: [Gameplay] RTS controls (EsKa)
0000025: [User Interface] Add room menu (EsKa)
0000029: [Procedural Generation] Door decay is annoying (EsKa)
0000016: [Data] Savegames should be zipped (EsKa)
0000033: [Gameplay] Power grid overlay degraded (EsKa)
0000034: [Graphics] Settlers face the wrong way when building stuff (EsKa)
0000036: [Economy] Structures being built don't drop content when canceled (EsKa)
0000031: [Gameplay] Area Coverage / Power not working properly (EsKa)
       0000032: [Performances] Area Coverage is consuming too much CPU (EsKa)
0000022: [Graphics] Selection lasso not visible when room rendering disabled (EsKa)
0000013: [Artificial Intelligence] Settlers aren't detecting enemies until they get shot at (EsKa)
0000020: [Gameplay] Skill should progress with completed recipes (EsKa)
0000002: [Artificial Intelligence] Ranger raiders can't attack turrets (EsKa)
0000007: [Artificial Intelligence] Canceling research doesn't cancel the worker's job if any (EsKa)
0000014: [Data] BlockBullet should be added to data files (EsKa)
0000003: [Artificial Intelligence] Raiders do not exit map (EsKa)
0000015: [Audio] Music soundtrack not playing what it should (EsKa)
0000001: [Artificial Intelligence] Zombie horde has needs (EsKa)
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