0000072: [Audio] wind / thunder and ambient sfx not tied to the ambient sound level (EsKa)
0000079: [Artificial Intelligence] Behavior: make FindNeedSatisfy() look for existing pickup jobs to scan for ground items (EsKa)
0000082: [General] Rain collector menu unclear. (EsKa)
0000077: [User Interface] Recipes should show if needed items are available (EsKa)
0000080: [User Interface] Gauge in water collector menu shouldn't be clickable (EsKa)
0000084: [User Interface] Clicking on a blood splatter triggers a crash (EsKa)
0000081: [Gameplay] A timed happy trait for new settlers (start of game + new arrivals) would help players (EsKa)
0000087: [General] Factories, under some circumstances, wouldn't switch queued item when none is available (EsKa)
0000085: [Data] Starting storage's content might get eaten by savegames (EsKa)
0000076: [Economy] Make the first event a food trader in standard difficulty (EsKa)
0000086: [User Interface] Cargo Screen: Add disable/enable all buttons (EsKa)
0000089: [Artificial Intelligence] Call Home button won't recall people correctly if map not exited (EsKa)
0000092: [Artificial Intelligence] Crash if dest zone has all tiles blocked (EsKa)
0000078: [Artificial Intelligence] Prioritize food collection (EsKa)
0000088: [Artificial Intelligence] Toggling on Alert mode when people are prepping up to for an expedition will lead to various issues (EsKa)
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