0000073: [User Interface] Improve fonts legibility on low resolution (EsKa)
0000062: [User Interface] Ammo information should be more readily available (EsKa)
0000104: [User Interface] Add middle mouse button drag for camera movement (EsKa)
0000103: [Gameplay] Starting Unlimited Points deletes wood and stone (EsKa)
0000099: [User Interface] Game will not stay on Pause. (EsKa)
0000106: [General] Expedition: if someone dies before launching an expedition, he's not removed from the list (EsKa)
0000074: [Graphics] 4K issues (EsKa)
0000100: [User Interface] GUI takes secondary precendence to other objects (EsKa)
0000097: [Performances] Saving a game takes too long (EsKa)
0000107: [Performances] Add depots to cache (EsKa)
0000070: [Data] Contradictory traits (EsKa)
0000083: [Gameplay] Expeditions: Need related issues (EsKa)
0000105: [Gameplay] Need a system to push a particular job in front of queue (EsKa)
0000095: [User Interface] Add a keyboard shortcut to cycle through military units (EsKa)
0000096: [User Interface] pressing [space] while renaming a NPC will toggle pause (EsKa)
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