Scheduled For Release 2018-11-18
0000123: [User Interface] the minus speed button should also trigger a pause (EsKa)
0000118: [User Interface] Shift Rotate should snap to the next 45 angle even if object is a bit rotated (EsKa)
0000045: [General] Lighting, walls and multi-scene handling (EsKa)
0000098: [User Interface] Add right click menu to on map clutter showing more info (EsKa)
0000108: [Gameplay] Pacifist trait overhaul (EsKa)
0000075: [Gameplay] A Banish button would be nice (EsKa)
0000090: [Economy] Optionally prioritize depot (EsKa)
0000094: [Artificial Intelligence] Priority / temporary flag on storage containers for preferred storage (EsKa)
0000012: [Artificial Intelligence] Settlers should be able to chat (EsKa)
0000050: [User Interface] Lasso selection for combat mode (EsKa)
0000066: [User Interface] Lasso and Multiselection (EsKa)
0000024: [Artificial Intelligence] No path to order not handled properly (EsKa)
0000027: [Procedural Generation] Items in front of doors (EsKa)
0000061: [User Interface] Only disable game keyboard input when opening a panel that accepts keyboard input (EsKa)
0000059: [Gameplay] Add inside/outside concept (EsKa)
0000048: [Gameplay] Fire and fire spreading (EsKa)
0000018: [Gameplay] Add a Tutorial (EsKa)
0000122: [Gameplay] No feedback for incomplete zones (EsKa)
0000116: [Artificial Intelligence] Pathing: Doors vs Invaders (EsKa)
0000030: [Artificial Intelligence] Storage stuff from the ground is cluttering public job list (EsKa)
0000117: [User Interface] exiting building mode while pause doesn't erase the ghost (EsKa)
0000119: [User Interface] ActiveEntity get scrolled even when the cursor is out of the menu (EsKa)
0000120: [User Interface] When dragging zones show the Width and Height of the zone rimworld style (EsKa)
0000121: [Graphics] we can still middle mouse scroll in full pause (EsKa)
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Scheduled For Release 2018-11-28
0000124: [Economy] Crash in PublicJob.Request() (EsKa)
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