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0000083After The Collapse[All Projects] Gameplaypublic2018-10-31 21:32
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Product Version0.4 - Early Access 
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Summary0000083: Expeditions: Need related issues
DescriptionIf a settler is starving or dehydrated before going on a trip, the side effect (aka death) will still trigger on his return as the due date for the effect will have passed.
It's a bit of a tricky one

We can
1. Fire some expedition "camping" event purposefully to "heal" their needs (can be exploited by players)
2. Force feed them food if they find some (problematic as food is generally distributed as ingredients during expeditions, costly in dev time)
3. Randomize need values when they return; abstracting the fact they lived on their own during that period (less exploitable than 1, but will still need to account for radio)
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2018-10-11 06:23

developer   ~0000056

also consideration perhaps allow equipping ranger parties with additional gear to help surmount additional threats.

ohhh shit I like that idea.

possible things they can find on missions that will help with future missions -

mirror - allows them to bypass sniper situations or to locate sniper and turn the threat encounter into a victory with loot
gasmasks, geiger counter - allows them to bypass radioactive areas or find otherwise inaccessible loot


2018-10-19 11:40

administrator   ~0000070

Yeah i like that too, but that can't fit in our current 0.4.2 schedule. I'll postpone the traits' effects instead and we'll do another pass at the Expedition stuff later down the line


2018-10-19 12:28

administrator   ~0000071

feel free to post a copy as a feature topic.

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