Anarkis Gaming
Based in Bordeaux, France

Founding date:
April 26, 2014


Press / Business Contact:
[email protected]

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After The Collapse
Unending Galaxy



We build unapologetically complex and DRM-Free strategy and simulation games for PC.


Early History

I am the author of AWPunk, a now deceased but commonly used in its time, freeware game server browser for Half-Life and its mods. I also built several experimental programs related to artificial life and game AI. As a modder, I started with maps for old-school FPS like Doom 2, Duke3D and Half Life, made several mods and hacks for the Civilization series (I am the author of the first working Airport building for Civ5). I also made various mods and tweaks for Bethesda games (Morrowind, Oblivion and Fallout 3). But I'm mostly known for my mods in the X-Universe Franchise from Egosoft (from X2 to X-Rebirth), some of which have been included in X3: Terran Conflict's Superbox Edition.

Game Studio History

We succesfully released our first commercial project on Steam in 2016, Unending Galaxy, a game inspired by classics like Sins of a Solar Empire and the X-Universe series. We're now working on After The Collapse, a post-apocalyptic base building game akin to classics like Rimworld and Dwarf Fortress, but in a very different setting.



After The Collapse: Early Accesss Trailer YouTube

Unending Galaxy: 1.0 Trailer YouTube

Awards & Recognition

  • "Pirate Guild and ADS plugins added to X3: Terran Conflict - SuperBox Edition" - 23 June, 2010

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