Author Info

I am an indie game developer and modder.

My first publicly available software was AWPunk, a common freeware game server browser for Half-Life and its mods (in the pre-Steam era). I am probably most well-known for making the Pirate Guild and ADS plugins for the X-Universe games, both featured in the X3 Superbox Edition. I am also the author of the first working Airport building for Civ5 and of minor mods for Bethesda’s games.

In early 2014, I began to work on my own game, Unending Galaxy, a massive space empire building game in a dynamic universe. Unending Galaxy 1.0 was initially released on itch.io in June 2015, a 1.2 version hit Steam in February 2016, followed by multiple large content updates during that year.

I am now working on a second major project called After the Collapse.


Mail Contact

I do not trade keys for good reviews on Steam. I do not accept requests from fake reviews websites and each time you ask you’ll be added to a block-list.

admin ‘at‘ anarkisgaming ‘dot‘ com