Anarkis Gaming

About Us


Initially a game modder, I switched to game development in 2014. I successfully released my first commercial game on Steam in 2016, Unending Galaxy, inspired by classic space simulations. We’re now building our second project, After The Collapse, a base building game.

We’re building our identity around making unapologetically complex and DRM-Free strategy and simulation games for PC.

Notable Projects

My first publicly available software was AWPunk, a freeware game server browser for Half-Life and its mods (in the ancient era before Steam was a thing). I am probably most well-known for making the Pirate Guild and ADS plugins for the X-Universe games, both featured in the X3 Superbox Edition. I am also the author of the first working Airport building for Civ5 and of other minor mods for Bethesda’s games.

In early 2014, I started working on my own game, Unending Galaxy, a massive space empire building game in a dynamic universe. Unending Galaxy 1.0 was initially released on in June 2015, a 1.2 version hit Steam in February 2016, followed by multiple large content updates during that year.

I am now working on a second major project called After the Collapse, a post-apocalyptic base building game inspired by classic games likes Dwarf Fortress and Rimworld.


Mail Contact

We do not trade keys for good reviews or “promotion” on Steam. We do not accept requests from fake reviews websites either. Failure to comply will make sure you’re being added to a block-list shared by multiple developers.

Professional contacts only.

admin ‘at‘ anarkisgaming ‘dot‘ com