May Progress Update

Anarkis Gaming

Hello there, sorry for the little delay, April has been a very busy month for several reason we’ll go over in a bit. As usual with those posts, we’ll go over what has and what will be done with our projects during this month. Additionally, for those interested, I’ve just written a second post-mortem about Unending Galaxy. While the first one was mostly about the sales and marketing aspect, this new iteration is solely about the game itself. Anyway, let’s get to it ūüôā

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Unending Galaxy Post Mortem : 2nd Edition

Two years ago, we had our first Unending Galaxy¬†post mortem. It covered, for the most part, the financial and advertising aspect of things, with little regard to the game itself. While I don’t think that part needs much of an update (numbers have changed, multiply steam sales by 1.5 or so, but the general idea is still roughly the same), I think it would be interesting to cover the game, what worked, what didn’t and so on. Your input would be valuable too, so feel free to leave a comment about it. Just understand, this is NOT an official announcement about a sequel, while it will obviously happen at some point, we’re not remotely there yet.

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Unending Galaxy 1.3.2 (experimental build)

With¬†After The Collapse¬†being actively developed, it’s not possible for us to spend lot of time on¬†Unending Galaxy. But, due to popular demand and because it’s still our first passion project, I decided to allocate some more time to fix the few remaining issues and clean up the code a bit. To that effect we released an experimental build on Steam.¬†If you want to try this new experimental build, please¬†check this topic, it contains everything you need to know.

Once we’re done testing that build, it will, of course, be released on too.

Unending Galaxy 1.3.1 Released!

We just updated Unending Galaxy to version

This version features a brand new map, Unruly Galaxy where factions can only control solar systems and strategic crossroads. I also reduced the diplomatic modifier for being at peace and added a diplomatic incident random event to shake things a bit between the various major factions. Performance have been slightly improved thanks to a much faster path-finding algorithm, while civilian miners will regulate their population based on the amount of available asteroids. As usual, Unending Galaxy is available on Steam and

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