X2 and X3 Mod Downloads

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While you’re downloading my plugins, you should check our game Unending Galaxy (available on Steam and itch.io). The simple fact you’re here proves it should be relevant to your interests! It’s a 2D space-sim in which you can fill any role from pilot to empire leader in a truly dynamic universe. You can check the product page and read more about it in the development logs.

X3: Terran Conflict / Albion Prelude Downloads

  • Pirate Guild 3 [ Download |user manual ]: Pirate Guild is an AL plugin giving life to the Pirate Faction, unlocking several new ways to play the game and allowing the player to work with or against the Pirate Guild. It also features an efficient and dynamic faction AI that is able respond to threats and launch raids against specific targets.
  • ADS: Anarkis Defense System [ Download | user manual ]: This script adds various commands for the M7, M1, TM and TL class ships to easily manage docked ships. You can easily rename, assign homebase to, and setup your docked fighters in a few clicks. You can also send offensive and defensive wings, clear a sector, or dock all your ships at once. The major feature is that you can have fully automated carrier for your patrols, fighters will be repaired and/or replaced, wings will be sent against foes automatically and warnings will be sent to the player when the carrier is in danger.
  • Yaki Armada (alpha) [ Download | user manual ]: This AL Plugin will make the Yaki smarter and stronger. It will spawn a configurable amount of Yaki mobile bases (TL or M1) equipped with a jumpdrive and filled with Yaki Fighters. Each carrier will run a script that allows it to do various things as sending a squadron to attack a factory, a TS, a TL, or a defense ship. AI of those carriers has been increased so they can defend themselves when attacked and flee when in real danger. They will also repair, rearm and refuel at any pirate base when needed. Destroyed carriers will of course respawn after a random while. The plugin also allows you to communicate with Yaki ships and Mobile Base using the ECS library. Helping yaki ships will give you money and good reputation with this faction. The player is also able to join the Yaki Guild by contacting Yaki Mobiles Bases via ECS, if his reputation is high enough and have the required 50.000 credits, unlocking missions and various additional features.
  • War Plugin – [ Download | user manual ]: This small script will cause the Borons and the Argons to declare war on Paranids and Splits. It basically change notoriety settings and set ships as hostile to each other. There is no “sector takeover” or altered AI, but it does what it’s supposed to do. You’ll see military ships from the 2 alliances battling each others and hunting enemy transport ships.
  • Crystal Free SPP [ Download ]: This small script will remove the need for crystals on Solar Power Plant. Of course, you’ll need to pay a lot of money for this feature. You’ll need 10 million credits for a M SPP, 25 millions for a L and 50 millions for a XL one. A new command will appear in your station’s menu called “Upgrade SPP to Xenon Technology”, use it on a Solar Power Plant to upgrade it.

X3: Reunion Downloads

  • Pirate Guild 2 [Download | Manual]: This is the X3R version of Pirate Guild. It offers a more complete guild system, and additional player equipments. On the other hand, the combat and defense AI are very poor compared to the X3TC one.
  • Yaki Armada [Download | Manual]: This is the X3R version of Yaki Armada.
  • Anarkis Carrier Commands [Download | Manual]: This is the X3R version of Anarkis Defense System. It’s somewhat less efficient and lacks a few functions like the handling of stations and the menu system.
  • Group Targeting System [Download]: This script adds 3 targeting related shortcuts to the game for improved dogfights.
  • Kha’ak Capture Plugin [Download]: This small plugin allows the player to capture Kha’ak fighters.
  • Crystal Free SPP [Download]: Allows to remove the use of crystals in your SPP, for a price.
  • Advanced Defense System [Download]: This is an automated laser tower deployment script. It has nothing to do with the ADS script for Terran Conflict.

X2: The Threat Downloads

  • Pirate Guild 1 [Download]: This is the first version of Pirate Guild. Of course it lacks any kind of interactions with the pirate faction, but the (very) basics of the combat AI are here, and defeating pirate bases will offer quite a challenge to the player.