I want to thank the following people for their contributions.

Unending Galaxy Soundtrack

Unending Galaxy Sprites

Who made the sprites from AI:War freely available. For more information regarding this, please refer to this URL.

Unending Galaxy Game Icons

Unending Galaxy Misc Assets

  • Dorian Triboire (planets)
  • NASA (planets)
  • orbital Music (music)
  • ALXD  (music)
  • Ross Bugden (music)
  • Many sound effects generated with SFXR by “DrPetter”.
  • James Tubbrit (additional sfx)
  • Mike Koenig (additional sfx)
  • KevanGC (additional sfx)


 X3 Script Translators

  • Unknown Object 003 – German translation of my X3:R scripts
  • Ru4pt – Russian translation of my X3:R scripts
  • BlueBerry SheWolf (Jagoda) and Yacek – Polish translation of many X3:TC scripts
  • Lamiadon – German translation of Pirate Guild 3 for X:TC.
  • Marodeur – German translation of Anarkis Defense System for X3:TC
  • Xangar – Italian translation of Pirate Guild 3 and Anarkis Defense System for X3:TC


  • Egosoft for the release of the X-Universe game serie and this great script system.
  • LV for the RRF plugin which is the weapon of choice against Pirate Guild
  • Gazz, Cycrow, DeadlyDa, Doubleshadow for fixes, ideas, and tools
  • djrygar and Lancefighter, RTS plugin related discussions
  • Philder for temporary archive hosting !
  • TEKing66 for the release of a pirate guild friendly Game-Start.

X2/X3 Script and Plugin Feedback and Beta Testing

This is the part where i probably forget about a bunch of people, sorry about that

Nem, Craterface, Aegyen, paulwheeler, vampirecosmonaut, EmperorJon, Requiemfang, ThisIsHarsh, Hieronymos, Nho, djrygar, Catra, JMan77