After The Collapse

After The Collapse is a 2D top-down base building game set in a post-apocalyptic world featuring urban environments. Your task will be to manage a band of survivors and protect them against raiders, mutants and environmental threats. To do so, you’ll have to build a base, research new technologies, and scavenge for resources. Thanks to its urban and semi-urban environments, After The Collapse has a strong focus on scavenging, repairing and reusing existing structures and technologies. You’ll have to send scouts to explore the wastelands and trade with other groups if you want your small colony to thrive.

Main Features

Implemented Features

The following features are already in place and will be expanded during the development.

Build a settlement in hostile procedurally generated environments

Dig several layers below ground, uncovering lost monsters and technologies

Take care of numerous survivors, each with their unique traits and skills

Research new technologies to adapt to your surroundings

Multiple scenarios with specific challenges and goals

Launch expeditions to find more survivors, loot and technologies

Medical system handling wounds, sicknesses and mutations

Take prisoners and use them as a work force or as commodities

Use generators and solar panels to keep your more structures operational

Dynamic world  map to explore and exploit

Optional light 4X Layer: Conduct diplomacy, trade with and fight against other factions

Full Modding Support

Notable Planned Features

The following features are planned to be integrated after the initial Early Access release. This is, of course, just a glimpse into what’s to come.

More varied threats, especially environmental ones

Improved expedition system

More complex map and world generation

Optional story mode


After The Collapse is available for Windows in Early Access. You can purchase it on Steam and

And, as with all our products, it’s entirely DRM-Free.


After The Collapse