After The Collapse

We are working on After the Collapse, a 2D top-down base building game. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, your build, manage, and protect a colony of survivors. You defend your base against raiders and mutants, while keeping your own people in check. Send scouts to hunt for supplies and artifacts.

While it may be a bit early to estimate accurately, colonies should handle a decent number of survivors (30 to 80?). The framework can also handle multiple locations simultaneously, as such the game will likely feature mining/exploration of an underground plane, and missions outside of the colony itself.

Planned Features

We have the following features planned for Early Access. Additional content will be added during the Early Access phase.

  • Build a settlement in a hostile environment
  • Many, unique survivors to take care of
  • Outside areas to explore and exploit
  • Build walls, turrets, weapons and armors to repel invaders
  • Some level of diplomacy and trading with other computer generated factions
  • Resource collection with a focus on scavenging instead of mining
  • Modding Support


We are planning to release After the Collapse early 2018 in Early Access. The game will be released on Windows, possibly followed by Linux. Early Access version will be made available on Steam and Free alpha demos and test builds might be made available on first.

After The Collapse