After The Collapse

After The Collapse is an unique base-building game with Adventure and 4X elements

After The Collapse is a base-building game set in a post-apocalyptic world featuring both urban and country-side environments. It features Z levels (the ability to dig down to explore caverns and sewers) and the ability to manage multiple dozens of survivors in real-time. It also gives you the choice between playing as technology-minded humans, combat-focused mutants, or even a tribe of cannibals.


You get to manage a group of survivors and protect them against bandits, mutated creatures, and many other dangers. Build a colony, research new techs, and scavenge for useful materials. As you progress through the game, you’ll get to send explorers into a dynamic world so you can look for other survivors, repair critical production centers, encounter other factions, and recover lost technologies. ATC is not only a base-building game, it also features light 4X elements, includes many scenarios and a pretty complete Story Mode.


Main Features

  • Build a settlement in hostile procedurally generated environments  featuring many biomes, weather patterns, multiple underground layers, dig several levels below ground, uncovering monsters, resources and lost technologies
  • Manage a population ranging from a few survivors to hundreds of them and defend them against bandits and other creatures with automated turrets, traps, and other defensive structures
  • Multiple game modes, a full story mode, and several scenarios with specific challenges, goals, and quests
  • Launch expeditions to find more survivors, loot, and technologies in a dynamic world map where other factions are competing for control of the various resource production centers. Deal with them as you see fit
  • Explore forgotten bunkers through an interactive story system to uncover lost technologies, like the ability to build your own customizable robotic army
  • Take prisoners and use them as a work force or as commodities and tame giant creatures to use them as pets, cattle, or even a way to defend yourself
  • Deal with dozens of special events: sicknesses, fires during heat waves, mental breakdown, enemy raiders, requests for help from civilians, and many more
  • Light 4X Layer: Conduct diplomacy, trade with and fight against other factions



After The Collapse is available for Windows PC on