Unending Galaxy F.A.Q.

What is Unending Galaxy?

As explained in the product page, Unending Galaxy is a large scale sandbox 2D game in space featuring exploration, trading, pillaging, empire building and warfare. It will allow the player to play at any of those different stages from the get go. Unending Galaxy handles up to 30.000 ships and stations in real-time thanks to it’s ability to take advantage of all your CPU cores.

Any DRM or nasty always online stuff?

Unending Galaxy (like all our future games) is completely DRM-free, no matter the store you buy it from (no Steam DRM). It doesn’t require an online connection and is ad free.

Games related to Unending Galaxy.

Unending Galaxy is inspired by classics like X3 and Sins of a Solar Empire. It has in common with X3 the ability to start as a simple pilot and grow in infrastructure to the point of becoming a faction. Once you reach this stage, mechanics are more similar to Sins of a Solar Empire where you play a slow paced “RTS / 4X” against the other AI factions.

Can I publish video or stream the game on YouTube, Twitch or similar?

Absolutely! You can record the game and monetize the video.
We do not go after content creators no matter their opinion on our products (our twitter).