Here’s a comparison table to highlight the main differences between the free basic version and the Deluxe Edition of Unending Galaxy. Features are detailed further down.

Maps in the Deluxe Edition


This is a very large map featuring over one thousand sectors. It has been designed in such a way that each faction get a fair shot at conquering the galaxy. The AI Core is a constant threat thanks to its multiple entry points in the main map and it will try to take over the territory of any faction showing weakness.

While the game itself is a sandbox with no fixed plot, this map is built to enforce specific scenarios where you will have to choose who you are backing if you want to survive. Will the powerful Neo-SPQR empire collapse ? Will the Siraks be overrun by the ruthless machines ?

Swarm Hive-World

A difficult and extremely large map. As the name implies it’s one of the Swarm hive worlds. The map is filled with hostile creatures and pirates.

The main factions arrived in this galaxy only recently. Each faction, player included (if you want to start as an empire of course), begin with 3 solar systems of similar worth and an outpost in the border of the main galaxy behind large nebulae.

Between pirate raids and the roaming swarm creatures, colonizing new territories and keeping your empire together will prove a challenging but rewarding task.

Ore Belt

This is a medium sized map.

The twist is that most asteroids are located in the pirate controlled nebulae. As such, securing your ore supply may be a tad difficult compared to usual. Additionally, the rich central solar system is home to the Swarm, another potential problem if left unchecked for too long.


It’s a large symmetrical map similar to Nebula X.

The Drath Collective is  besieged by the other major factions which are themselves besieged by the AI Core. All in all, it’s a fairly classic map.

Factions and playable tech groups

The Deluxe Edition includes 12 factions spread across 10 playable tech groups. The player can play as one of the official factions or create his own.

 Tech groups decide what ships, weapons, docks and colonies your faction will be able to build by itself. In the basic edition you only get access to the human, sirak, independent, drath and pirate techs. With the deluxe edition you will also get access to the nilith, Neo-SPQR, AI Core, asterian and ceridan tech groups.

Starting Scenarios

You also gain access to the following additional scenarios in addition to the 4 default ones.

Rigellian Empire

In this scenario, you start as an empire with some territory, which varies depending on the map. What make this scenario truly unique is that your start with the AI Core tech group, allowing you to play as the bad guys, unlocking the unique ships, weapons and docks of this faction in the process.

Pirate Captain

In this scenario, you begin your adventures as a pirate guild member flying the versatile Manowar battleship with a small escort and next to no money. Thanks to its high top speed, and with a good weapon load out, the Manowar is a very potent battleship in the right hands. Oh, there’s a large bounty on your head and the humans hate your guts.

Drath Deserter

Here you’re a former commander of the Drath Collective. You and your men stole a lot of credits from your faction. The good news is that you start with a sizable military fleet and a lot of credits. The bad news is that most of the galaxy hates you and that your ships will attract a lot of bounty hunters.

Human Magnate

In this scenario you start as a human with a fleet of cargo ships, a dock builder and a frigate. You also have enough money to build your first factories. This is an ideal scenario if you want to start trading and if you think the default basic scenario is too slow-pacede.

Asterian Explorer

You are an Asterian scout, you start with a frigate and little money. It’s as close as a “naked” start as it can be. The Asterian tech group is unlocked for you, meaning that you’ll get access to their extremely tough ships, weapons and docks once you manage to get your own shipyard or dock builder.

Nilith Trader

Here you are a Nilith trader starting, in your home sector, with two cargo ships, a frigate, a fighter and some money. This scenario also unlocks the Nilith tech group. This tech group gives access to the Nilith unique docks, ships and weaponry, including their powerful shield systems.  The trick is that Nilith ships have no jumpdrive.

Ceridan Invader

You are a Ceridan Fleet commander with the official mission to prepare for the arrival of the bulk of the Ceridan forces. Of course, nothing prevents you from trying to claim the galaxy for yourself. This scenario gives you access to the Ceridan tech group, with an unique economy, armed docks, and powerful ships. However, they don’t have access to carrier type ships.

Game Modding Tools

The Deluxe Edition of Unending Galaxy makes playing mods easy. The game comes with a mod manager. With this handy tool, each mod can go in its own folder and you’ll be able to enable, disable and reorder your mods with only a few clicks instead of fiddling with the main file structure. The Steam version also supports Steam Workshop.

A game editor is also included. This toolkit allows you to add, change, and remove basically anything from the game: maps, ships, docks, trading items, you name it.

Add a new ship and it will be used in-game, add a new faction and it will try to spawn on the map granted there’s enough space for it. You can add new trading items and production chains and the game will manage. Same goes for docks, planets, weaponry or even maps. Making a total conversion mod is, granted you have the artistic inclination, easy.

Compatible with Steam Workshop

Free Content Patches

The game received 3 major content patches since the free version, adding the following content:

  • Better animations (fluid movement).
  • Ability to play as any faction.
  • Better menus / user interface.
  • Drones, Corvettes and Dreadnoughts.
  • Colony management.
  • Weapon, shield, ship, energy re-balance.
  • Faction and ship AI, performances, improvements.
  • Additional faction traits, random events, missions.
  • Steam Achievements and Cloud support.