Pirate Guild 1.59 Released

This will be the last release of Pirate Guild for a while, except if a major issue is found.

It should fix most of the issues with the Teladis, immobile bounty hunters, captured ships from NPC bailing addon, and mob bosses fleeing to far away from homebase. It also fixes an annoying bug that was preventing the Guild from targeting player owned freighters. M7 are a bit cheaper and will turn red on hostile players (no more blue M7 flying around when you’re an enemy).


  • 0000012: [AI – Bounty Hunters] Immobile Bounty Hunters
  • 0000037: [AI – Defense Grid] Neutral M7 patrol ships when the player is a foe
  • 0000036: [AI – Pirate Bases] Orders should reduce the attack priority on the worst enemy
  • 0000032: [AI – Pirate Bases] TS Raid order ignore the “peace with teladis” flag
  • 0000031: [AI – Pirate Ships] Mob Bosses may flee to far away from homebase
  • 0000029: [General Issues] Library issue : Cargo value wasn’t correctly reported
  • 0000035: [General Issues] Library issue : “Retrieve cargo value” not working on player’s ships
  • 0000030: [Compatibility with 3rd party plugins] NPC bailing addon – Some undetected captures

One thought on “Pirate Guild 1.59 Released”

  1. SK, I know you aren’t currently working on PG3 but I was wondering if you could possibly help me. First of all, I LOVE this plugin. It’s what Ive been looking for for a long time. Thank you for the time you’ve put into it. The only problem I’m having with PG3 is it won’t let me accept guild missions. I click on the green “Accept” and it goes back to Guild Missions with the mission I selected still available and nothing in my mission log. I’ve reinstalled it several times from a fresh X3 install. Cycrows cheats is the only addon I have installed with it. (Need that to test. Reveal all sectors, warp to sector etc) I have tried with 3.1, 3.0, 2.7 and they all have the same problem. Is it possible my fighter rank is an issue? I’m testing from fresh installs so my rank is very low. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. I really want to use this addon.

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