If you’re looking for an Unending Galaxy article, sorry to disappoint, it’s coming out soon, but my main hard drive seems to be dying right now as I am writing those lines. I am analyzing what is lost but don’t worry, I do regular source backups, so nothing should prevent the beta 2 from coming out. I am still losing development time, and I may have to buy a new hard drive too.

All I was hoping for was a better year than the last one, selfishly for my family, friends and me. I guess I should know better. In case you didn’t knew before, I am french (that’s why my English may somewhat be lacking from time to time). To be perfectly frank, I didn’t care for Charlie Hebdo’s articles and cartoons much. To me, it was a bit heavy handed, the same way a drunk guy try to be funny while bashing a minority with little regard to the context (or minority, for that matter), Still, despite that I know it was a necessary exercise in freedom of speech.

Would I be writing the same post if it was some fascist wing publication being destroyed ? No, of course not. But I wouldn’t bash them either. Freedom of speech is absolute or it isn’t at all (while keeping that in mind). As long as you don’t ask people to do something illegal, you should feel free to say anything you want to your audience.

Organized religions, in general, tend to be a burden on society.¬†Taking advantage of the freedom of speech while trying to regulate it. They tend to seek control. Bold letters are important here. Belief in itself is all good and well, believe in who/what-ever you want as long as you don’t bother others with that and understand that you have no right to prevent other people from expressing their views on the matter. The issue is when some (usually) old guy start “organizing” other (much younger) people, telling how to act according to his interpretation of several hundred years old books, tablets or moonstones (why not) and tell them that thinking / acting otherwise is bad.

Also, if your really think your god need to be protected from speeches and drawings, well, it’s a really crappy insecure god to be honest. Something that was able to build the whole universe with its billions of stars, planets and lifeforms do not need to be defended by anyone. It’s supposed to be all knowing, all compassing, and so on. Even thinking otherwise should be a blaspheme in any proper religion. So who do you think you are to act against its own will exactly ?

Anger is understandable. But please, put that into context It’s a war in which for each people killed those last few days, dozens upon dozens of civilians die in other countries you are unlikely to place on a map accurately. The first victims of this war are civilians, and more often than not muslim ones either because their are “too” or “not enough” muslim. And we don’t hold candles and make gatherings for them, they are just collateral damages. Next time someone says that muslims should dissociate themselves from this or any other attack. Just, please, tell him to stfu. And, no, it doesn’t impede his freedom of speech to do so. As said in xkcd, if its the most compelling argument to a prove a point is that it’s not illegal to say so, it’s probably not a very good point anyway. Do you ask Christians to dissociate themselves from anti abortion fanatics who bombed hospitals and killed doctors? No, because no one in his right mind would assume that they will defend them, no matter their own stance on the issue.

In other news, the speed gaming event against cancer gathered about 1.5 million dollars in donations. It was an awesome event ! Many thanks to all those who contributed, the runners, and the staff. It was a great watch.