Some news

Sorry guys,

It has been a long time since last release, and it will probably take even more before anything new happens. My online presence is kinda limited at the moment and I have temporarily switched my priorities to other projects. I am not abandoning the X-Universe but i need to take a break from the game anyway. At the moment I am writing a roguelike game called Grand Rogue Auto. I am also writing several modifications for Civilization V.

Hopefully, i will be back soon enough with new better releases of my various plugins for X3 Terran Conflict.

4 thoughts on “Some news”

  1. Hey kick, glad to see your still around, you dropped off there suddenly from ego forums thought maybe something tragic happened. Anyways, hope you get back to X3 someday, your scripts are #1 dont think anyone could replicate them. Have fun with civ 5 no doubt you will make awesome stuff there as well. =D

  2. Thanks. I had to move rather quickly due to a job/contract, that’s why I left so suddenly. I should have warned people on the board but i had my head full at that time 🙂

  3. I tend to swing wildly from game to game myself 😛
    Right now I am back into the X-verse because of the Xtended TC release – which made me start up the normal TC too.
    But I can sympathise with both a loss of interest at times and the ever decreasing time frame of life.
    Really I shouldn’t even be playing games, got to much to do; and modding takes about ten times the time.
    I’ll just browse round your site now,



  4. Thanks, mate.

    FYI, my scripts should be and stay compatible with the current version of TC (whatever the number). I may go back to modding with X:Rebirth, but according to the first press release, the game seems to go in the wrong direction for me. It’s too early to be sure, though. Wait and see 🙂

    I’d suggest you to keep an eye on my recent game project. It may not be your cup of tea right now, but the game engine I am building (i am not speaking about graphics here, just the game itself) will hopefully be used in a year or so to build an X-Universe kind of game.

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