X:Rebirth – Meh.

Hi, long time not seen guys. Sorry about that but i am developing my own games from now on, and yeah in the long run there will be a X kind of game (but in 2D) 😉

Anyway, So far I am not convinced by X:Rebirth. I may return to modding for the game if the game is good enough. But right now, i have doubts.

What do we know so far?

1) The modding / scripting engine has changed. That, I really don’t know if it’s a good news or a bad one. If Egosoft want to gradually replace the script editor by the XML thingy they tried to implement in TC, it is definitively a very bad news. The syntax is positively awful and it’s doesn’t give the same liberties as the MSCI does. If it means a decent / external GUI for an expanded MSCI, it’s a very good thing. This said, I am not optimistic. Regarding the scripting and modding community, Egosoft made very poor choices so far, sadly (**Modified** tag).

2) Bigger, more detailed stations. Who fucking cares? Gigantic Terran Stations were a pain to navigate around. Not even talking about pathfinding issues. IMHO smaller, but more useful stations would be better. I do not care how big a station is, especially if it slows down the game for purely cosmetic reasons. The “bigger, prettier” philosophy annoys me a lot tbh, especially when a few lines later they talk about “content over quantity”.

3) New GUI. It was already promised in Reunion, then in TC, with no significant changes. But yeah I am pessimistic here. Hopefully, we’ll get a decent mouse driven menu, with a map that can be used RTS style (and now i am dreaming).

4) “Previously, for example, it was possible to pilot a capital ship from its bridge. No more.” What does that mean ? No more capital ships for the player? Or can they only be piloted remotely? Is it alterable? Because, I am sorry but piloting a carrier with the right scripts was damn fun !

5) Nothing about the AI, combat system and such. Sadly.

6) New OOS combat sim? Well sort of. AFAIK the “new” version in DevNet wasn’t really better than the previous one. Good things have been made by scripters on that matter, though. Not sure if it has been implemented (with credits) meanwhile. Note that I perfectly understand why such system is used, it’s a necessity if you want to keep things barely playable on a standard computer. They just did a very poor job doing so.

What I have not quoted in the latest update are not newsworthy as they either mean “no change” or “cosmetic update”.  So, all of this to say that there’s still not much to learn (yeah), and that all those press releases are not necessary as good as they may sound. Don’t get me wrong, however. I love the X-Universe games, i do think that Egosoft did a good job. But i am not blind either, they did a lot of mistakes, especially regarding the modding community,  and it’s a very bad habit of them to announce basically anything that would please the audience no matter if it’s included in-game or not (remember the speech about X3 and the “real dynamic uber economic system”? I certainly do).


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  1. Hey, I’m back!
    One thing that I feel is greatly needed in all games is the “make believe” of real people around you. X3 is lacking in that. What helps is “Galactic News” that ties into what is happening. NPC’s that interact with information. Stuff like that, and I am thinking Rebirth will be lacking in it as well.

    I am looking forward to Rebirth and I bought the Albonian Addon too, but as a deep rooted RPG player I only get real happy when there is allot of “fluff” surrounding the setting.


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