We’re changing our mailing list (and obligatory GDPR stuff)

Anarkis Gaming

Hello there,

We’re making some internal changes to the website so it responds a bit faster when under high traffic. Nothing much will change for you except one important detail: our email alert system for new posts and comments is going to be replaced by another one we manage directly. It means that if you’re subscribed to the website or to a comment thread by email you’ll no longer receive notifications after this very post.

If you want to renew your website subscription, please follow this link.
(alternatively, don’t forget that we have a RSS feed compatible with any RSS reader and applications like Feedly)

Additionally, for privacy minded folks, we published our GDPR compliant privacy policy. The TL;DR is that we do not collect or use your private information outside of (fully automated) spam control purpose and generating avatars for the comment system. And we’re certainly not distributing it to anyone for any purpose.

Some of the website’s social functionalities might get disabled or replaced, but it’s not like people ever click “share” buttons anyway.

Don’t worry the usual devlog will follow very soon.


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