6 thoughts on “After The Collapse [alpha video]: power, techs, menus”

  1. Thanks.

    I’m balancing turrets right now, so “turtling” will be an option. Cover is handled, armors too, i’ll go over combat in a future article when i’m done with a few related features.
    The medical side proper hasn’t been worked on yet. That will be handled closer to the E.A. release (around August).

  2. The EA release is more likely to happen in September, but i’ll take care of the medical stuff in August (or before).

  3. I am loving the ideas and concept for this game and am excited to play it once its out! Just keep up the amazing work. If at all possible I would love to help contribute to this game in anyway I can. I can write material for events or items in game, or just contribute ideas if needed. I’d love to help and am excited for the future of this project!

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