[devlog] Stability Fix

rtitle05Hey !

It’s going to be a very short but very important devlog. I spent the last week fixing the stability issues people were experiencing with Unending Galaxy. The main reason why the game wasn’t stable in the first place was because it’s fully multi-threaded (able to use all your CPU power) and because I wasn’t able to make it work 100% of the time until now. Before labeling me as an incompetent coder please look at the CPU usage of your favorite AAA games, yeah not so good either, hey :). Multithreading is hard to get it right, and the more complex your game is, the harder it is. Anyway, after a whole week of debugging, I finally managed to make it work properly. It took its toll on the performances and nearly nullified the benefits of last week‘s improvements, but it was worth it. I’ve been looking at the same game for hours and hours trying to make it crash and it simply doesn’t. More to the point, there’s tons of “please don’t crash” code that I can safely remove now, which should in theory improve performances again.

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Critical bug in 0.6.0 being investigated

It has come to my attention that a bug in 0.6.0 prevents the game from loading properly on some machines. The issue is being investigated. I am going to publish a build featuring a proper bug report system, this build will also have a potential fix for what I suspect to cause said crash.

Stay tuned.