X-Rebirth : I told you so… And other news !

Hey everyone !

So, no, I’m not dead. I won’t go into details, but I had to stop writing Grand Rogue Auto for (mostly) financial reasons and partly for a lack of interest in the subject matter. Also, to be honest the code base was kinda crumbling under the weight of new additions, so a fresh start was needed, we’ll get to that.

Anyway, that’s not exactly why I’m writing this post right now. Of course it’s about X: Rebirth (and also about a new project that you may find relevant to your interests).

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X:Rebirth – Meh.

Hi, long time not seen guys. Sorry about that but i am developing my own games from now on, and yeah in the long run there will be a X kind of game (but in 2D) đŸ˜‰

Anyway, So far I am not convinced by X:Rebirth. I may return to modding for the game if the game is good enough. But right now, i have doubts. Read More …