Deluxe Edition and Game Modding Tools

Snap1451This article will explain what the deluxe edition of Unending Galaxy is including. You can acquire it through a paypal donation or by buying the game at the store. As explained before, the free version is in no way, shape or form a demo. It’s not time limited, all gameplay features are included, and it will always be that way. Buying the game ensure that I will continue working on it. Also, by buying the game at any point, you’ll get access to all future versions as they become available.

That clarified, let’s get to what the deluxe version currently includes:

First and foremost, the game modding tools which allow you to basically change anything in the game. Secondly, the Imperium map, an extremely large hand-crafted galaxy designed to increase replay value and to show everything the game has to offer. And finally, 5 additional starting scenarios with the added bonus of giving access to techs otherwise unavailable.

Game Modding Tools

Snap1349If you’re technically inclined, this is likely why you’d want to donate. This toolkit allows you to add, modify, and delete basically anything into the game: maps, ships, docks, trading items, you name it. This is the toolkit i use when adding basically anything to the game. Note that if you are serious about modding the game and that you have a past history as a modder, I will gladly offer a download key and full support on the dedicated forum. Just contact me by mail.

Anyway, as the screenshot shows, you can edit everything the game has to offer. I am not going to detail everything because screenshots will speak better than words and because basically all menus work the same. However, the important bit is that everything that you add or modify through the editor will be understood and used by the game engine with no issues. Add a new ship and it will be used in-game, add a new faction and it will try to spawn on the map granted there’s enough space for it. You can add new trading items and production chains and the game will manage. Same goes for docks, planets, weaponry or even maps. Making a total conversion mod is, granted you have the artistic inclination, easy. Screenshots below shows what the ship, weapon, faction and map editors look like (all editors apart from the map editor, obviously, follow the same pattern).

Because, most of the potential modders reading this article are likely to be from the X-Universe, I must point out that this is basically the DoubleShadow’s tools (hi !) made easier to use. However, there’s no “scripting engine”. You can’t edit AI packages or add new behaviors. I have thought about moving the individual ship AI to LUA, but beside the performance hit, it’s also something that would take several months of development, which I can’t financially afford at the moment, so don’t hold your breath. However, I am generally very open about adding specific behaviors or features you’d need for serious projects granted they aren’t game breaking or extremely hard to implement, of course.

Imperium Map

Snap1422This is an extremely large map featuring over one thousand sectors. It has been designed in a way that each faction get a fair shot at conquering the galaxy. The AI Core is a constant threat thanks to its multiple entry points in the main map. It will try to take over the territory of any faction showing weakness.

While the game itself is a sandbox with no fixed plot, this map has been designed in a way to enforce specific scenarios in which you will have to choose who you are backing if you want to survive. Will the powerful Neo-SPQR empire collapse ? Will the Siraks be overrun by the ruthless machines ?

Due to the size of the map, you will likely need a CPU with 4 cores for the game to run it without slowdowns in the late game.

Starting Scenarios

The deluxe edition features multiple starting scenarios, and as usual, they can be customized when you start a new game.

1. Rigellian Empire

You start as an empire with the AI Core tech, granting you access to ships, weapons and stations you can’t normally get access to.

2. Pirate Captain

You start as a pirate guild member flying the versatile¬†Manowar battleship with a small escort and next to no money. Oh, there’s a large bounty on your head too.

3. Drath Deserter

The good news is that you start with a sizable military fleet and a fair amount of credits. The bad news is that half the galaxy hates you and that all your ships will attract bounty hunters.

4. Human Magnate

You start the game with a dock builder, a small fleet of cargo ships and a lot of money. Make the best use of it.

5. Asterian Explorer

You start in an Asterian frigate with little money. It’s a “naked” start. The Asterian tech group is unlocked for you, meaning that if you manage to build your own shipyard, you’ll be able to build their tough ships and unique weaponry.

6. Nilith Trader

You start with 2 Nilith cargo ships, a frigate, a fighter and some money, unlocking the Nilith tech group. Sure they don’t have access to the warp drive, but they have very fine and fast ships.

Playable Tech Groups

Thanks to the additional scenarios, you get access to new tech groups. Tech groups decide what ships, weapons and docks your faction will be able to build by itself. In the basic edition you have access to the Human, SPQR, Sirak, Independent, Drath and Pirate techs. With the deluxe edition you will also get access to the Nilith, the AI Core, and the Asterian techs.