Sale on and 1.2.5 news

A quick post to tell you that Unending Galaxy is on sale (-35%) on right now with the beta 1.2.5 included (a steam key come with any purchase). Barring any last minute problem, the official release is planned for next week-end.

I am currently ironing out the last few glitches and adding a few community requested features (for instance, double clicking any of your ships or stations will open the relevant setup menu).

Meanwhile, be sure to check out the Star Wars mod made by Frostbyte704.



Unending Galaxy Released !

Unending Galaxy has been updated to v1.1.0.6

Well, never say never, because here is another, more stable version of the 1.1 release branch. It will fix most of the major problems encountered in 1.1.0.x, namely instabilities with savegames and trading. It also features new graphical settings to accommodate with older and/or uncommon hardware configuration. I also took the time to include a some of the frequently requested features: You can now assign or remove a home-sector to a group of ships simultaneously, and funds are issued as soon as a build order is given instead of when the construction ends. The new version can be found on the download page. Changelog at the end of this article.

Community News

First of all welcome to all the new members on the forum. It grew quite a bit in the recent weeks, well it grew so big that I had very little time to browse it outside of the technical and bug reports area. Don’t worry I will check out the rest now that this version is out. Another community mod has been released too: Extended Mod by ChaplinChap, it includes new factories, wares and weapons and even a new starting scenario, check it out!

Oh, IndieDB is doing an Indie Awards thingy. there’s no chance we’re going to win, but hey, drop a vote, that can’t hurt 🙂

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[devlog] Trading, gameplay and modding

rtitle03Hi !

It’s taking me more time to find an proper title than to write the article itself, as we are nearing 1.0, the updates are becoming less and less thematic. 🙂

Many of the changes this week are trade related with the new colony imports and exports, and the new dock scanner allowing you to know what you can trade at any revealed dock, no matter the distance. Modding has also been improved, with the addition of a mod manager, damage resistances for shields, dodge chances for ships. And of course there’s plenty of improvement both to the UI and gameplay.

(also I want to publicly thank the person who sent 60$ for the deluxe edition a few weeks ago, you made my day !)

Let’s get to it 🙂

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[devlog] New factions, weapons, and other content

Hi there !

Lots of content being added with two new factions and multiple docks, ships and weaponry. One of those factions likely to be tied to the event system. I also redesigned the main UI a bit. I made damage types more interesting and added an editor for it.

It’s also a good time to tell that if you found a bug in the latest beta (4.1), be a dear and report it, I may not know about it.

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Deluxe Edition and Game Modding Tools

Snap1451This article will explain what the deluxe edition of Unending Galaxy is including. You can acquire it through a paypal donation or by buying the game at the store. As explained before, the free version is in no way, shape or form a demo. It’s not time limited, all gameplay features are included, and it will always be that way. Buying the game ensure that I will continue working on it. Also, by buying the game at any point, you’ll get access to all future versions as they become available.

That clarified, let’s get to what the deluxe version currently includes:

First and foremost, the game modding tools which allow you to basically change anything in the game. Secondly, the Imperium map, an extremely large hand-crafted galaxy designed to increase replay value and to show everything the game has to offer. And finally, 5 additional starting scenarios with the added bonus of giving access to techs otherwise unavailable.

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