Unending Galaxy [Beta 5] Released !

rtitle04The final beta version of Unending Galaxy has just been released. Beta 4 was supposed to be the last, but recent breakthroughs in the game’ stability and performances require one last large scale beta test before the 1.0 release. As usual, if you bought the game through itch.io or via a direct donation, your key should work perfectly fine.

The major improvements are:

  • 2 new factions with their own ships, weaponry and docks
  • Heavily improved game stability and performances
  • Improved combat systems
  • Rebalanced prices and game’s pacing
  • Better user interface (so, much, better)

There’s also 160 other changes and bug fixes. However, the procedural map generation discussed a few days ago has been disabled as it’s not ready for prime time yet. But don’t worry, barring any other large issue, the 1.0 is just around the corner. For once, I am not going to write a full article and let the beta do the talking instead. 🙂

Download the GameDocumentation  – Full Changelog

Note : While it’s a very large update, the only reason why the beta 5 has been released is to test the stability improvements. If you experienced crashes in the past, it’s probably a good time to give the game another chance.