After The Collapse 0.8.2: Digging Deeper

Hi there,

Long time not seen! My apologies for the lack of news on the official website and, more generally, the lack of store-page posts outside of game releases. The first two months of 2021 have sadly been cannibalized by family and personal reasons which I’m not going bother you with. I’m not looking for an excuse, just know it was unavoidable and let’s leave it at that. When forced to make a choice between the two, I always favor writing the game itself over community interactions . As such, those interactions were more limited than I would want them to, but that’s life. It might continue for a while. The best way to catch me is through the discord channel if need be. Don’t worry, I do still get, read, and fix anything related to crash/bug reports as long as they go through the established methods.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about the game proper, that’s why we’re all here after all.

The major 0.8.2 update has just been released. Contrary to 0.8.1 which was mostly putting the finishing touches on 0.8.0, it’s a big chunky one hinting at what I envision the game to be when we reach 1.0. Without further delay, let’s dive in the new features.

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After The Collapse 0.7.7: Large Content Update

So, this is the last large content update for the 0.7 branch (minor bug fixing patches will still be released as need be). I will be moving toward 0.8 which will focus on procedural generation, the worldmap, and the game outside of the base building part proper.

In any case, this last update both redesign and add tons of content all over an expanded tech tree. I will go over the main changes in this article, but for a complete list, please refer to the changelog at the end of this article.

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After The Collapse 0.7.6: Cannibal Prison Update

Hi there!

This is a new major content update for After The Collapse. I added three entirely new interlocked features, while improving the graphics, user interface, AI, balance, gameplay and fixing (most) bugs that have been reported to us. Also it seems that I have forgotten about posting last update on this very website, I’m very sorry about that. You can refer to this post on steam for a summary.

It’s going to be a long ride, so let’s get started. I’m only going over the more notable changes. There are plenty of other improvements you can find in the full, 100 item long, change-log at the bottom of this very article. Read More …

After The Collapse 0.7.4: Rule of Law

Here is a new update for our 0.7 branch!

It’s introducing the ability to pass various laws for your settlement, ranging from rationing to healthcare. It’s also adding the new Pharmacy building and associated technology allowing you to use experimental mutagens and drugs on your survivors. As usual, I’ll only be mentioning the major new features and improvements in this article. For a full list, please refer to the change-log at the bottom.

Before we get started

I will be increasing the game’s price by $1 (to $11.99) between the end of this month and August (after a few more minor/hot-patches). It was scheduled to happen a bit later, but given that the game is currently very stable and knowing the legal requirements (no discount for a whole month), it’s best to get that out of the way before the next large autumn sale and more experimental updates.

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After The Collapse 0.7.3: Critter Overload

Here is a new massive content update for our 0.7 branch! It’s introducing the ability to tame many of the wild creatures you can encounter in-game. It’s also adding many new ones ranging from chickens to giant scorpions while allowing to exploit your cattle for other things than food production (like shearing for wool, collecting eggs, and so on). As usual, I’m only going over the major new features and changes. There are plenty more modding, UI and balance improvements you can find in the full change-log at the bottom of this very article.

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After The Collapse 0.7.1 Released

After The Collapse 0.7.1 has just been released. This first major patch is heavily re-balancing the early game and tech tree while redesigning the map, adding genetic(ish) animal breeding, and overhauling the way expeditions are handled. This article will detail the major changes. As usual, for a complete list, refer to the changelog at the end of this article. I however, strongly suggest regular users to read this article. Read More …