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So it has been a week since the Steam release of Unending Galaxy, I suppose it’s time to make a post about it. Well, it was a fairly exhausting process! Between marketing, community management, and the obligatory post launch patches I barely slept during the whole week. All things considered, and despite slightly worse reviews than expected (most of them due to bugs in the initial release), it was a success. Sales are above what I planned, and as such I am fairly confident I can make a living in this line of work.

Anyway, let’s see what happens now.

First, during the next week or two, I will fix the few remaining issues and typos alongside a couple of balancing and pacing issues. The only really elusive bug is a weird UTF16 conversion giving, once every blue moon, Japanese looking characters on screen or an error message depending on the computer. There’s also a couple of hardware/software/drivers setups which seem to be incompatible with the game, I am still trying to determine the exact reason.

Investing in the bug report tool was a god send, it fixed more problems in a week that a month of careful bug hunting did. I still would like to get rid of it at some point as it tends to be a bit too sensible and it comes with its own set of (very minor) problems.

Then, I will take a week or two of vacations, the terrible sleep schedule and the stress are starting the catch up with me, and getting a few days without having to think about code is something I desperately need.

Now, regarding my future projects.

First, I will continue to work on Unending Galaxy. there’s a large military update planned for 1.3 with an overhaul of ships, weapons, the addition of defensive structures, a new way to setup fleets, more meaningful ranks, additional diplomacy, missions, and stuff. The whole content of this update will be detailed as we go on with it. In case it needs clarifying, it will, of course, be free. 1.4 will then most likely introduce research and a bit of exploration outside the galaxy.

Unending Galaxy will stay my main project until 1.3.

After that, I will take on other games alongside UG’s development. Those projects will be written in C#. I will start with a small game or two, time for me to get used to the language, and that way, these projects won’t distract me too much from UG.

After that, we’ll see about taking on a new large project. I have a few options on the table, but it’s too early to talk about those.


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  1. Congrats EsKa! A wonderful milestone in your work. Keep it up!

  2. Since UG seems to be right up my alley I look forwards to what you do in the future.

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