Unending Galaxy 1.3.1 Released!

We just updated Unending Galaxy to version

This version features a brand new map, Unruly Galaxy where factions can only control solar systems and strategic crossroads. I also reduced the diplomatic modifier for being at peace and added a diplomatic incident random event to shake things a bit between the various major factions. Performance have been slightly improved thanks to a much faster path-finding algorithm, while civilian miners will regulate their population based on the amount of available asteroids. As usual, Unending Galaxy is available on Steam and itch.io.

Full changelog is below.



  • Added “Unruly Galaxy” map
  • Added” Diplomatic Incident” event
  • Opening the build station menu also opens the sector info panel
  • Sector info panel: Clicking the faction’s flag open the diplomacy menu


  • Civilian miners numbers adjust based on the amount of asteroids
  • Doubled pathfinder’s performances


  • Slightly increased ‘request tribute’ diplomatic option cooldown
  • Tribute formula tweaked removed randomness, takes player’s treachery level, relative strength, distance, treaties into account
  • Destroying stations, factories, gates in a territory you have an alliance/cease fire with has a bigger diplomatic impact
  • Reduced max “we are at peace” diplomatic bonus from 50% to 30%

Bug Fixes

  • Miners squatting on top of stations when there’s no asteroid on the map
  • Transparency issues with a blue planet and a backdrop
  • Added warning message when player is using a faction mod on top of a savegame not running the mod
  • Fixed: Possible menu opening/closing related crash
  • Fixed: Possible quicksave/autosave related crash
  • Fixed: Smaller misc problems