Unending Galaxy Released!

This is, most likely, the final update for Unending Galaxy. It contains a potential fix for the “sound degradation over time” bug some of you are experiencing alongside multiple improvements and fixes. As usual, mods and saves from previous versions are compatible.

The game is available on Steam and itch.io.

Below is the changelog since the last major version


  • No longer need to left click then right click weapons and shield in the trade menu to display the proper info/stats popup
  • More detailed info panel for each ship module
  • Minor changes to the TC/Core plot-line (good/bad endings more likely)
  • Dock traders will avoid suppliers in sectors that are under siege


  • New method used to play sound and music
  • New memory manager: might lead to a  more stable experience during long gaming sessions
  • Newer compiler: might have fixed a few technical problems
  • Slightly better performances in situations with a lot of sound being played at once (large battles)
  • Minor code improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Possible fix for the sound quality degradation over time
  • Fixed: Regression bug in 1.3.2 causing weapon/shield info popup to trigger an error message
  • Fixed: Missing text in the TC/Core plot-line (reward location)
  • Fixed: Ceridan special event could target pirate systems when better, empty, systems are available
  • Fixed: Some trading and mining ships would ignore the “NoForeign” faction law