Unending Galaxy Released

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First of all, general news about the game. We are on Steam Greenlight now ! Please consider giving the game your vote, that would help a lot. People who already bought the game at another store will receive a free steam key if/when it gets released. I am also currently writing a fairly long article about the future additions planned for the game.

That being said, here is a new version of Unending Galaxy which fixes most of the bugs that have been reported so far. This new version is both mod and savegame compatible with 1.0. Both the deluxe and the basic editions have been updated. As usual, if you bought the game in a store, download the updated package, otherwise your download key should work as usual.

Notes and changelog are in the full article.

Changes & Improvements

  • Friendly factions (alliance or good rep) will no longer spam military bases in your territory
  • AI escort ships will dock with their leader instead of hanging outside a station
  • You can give mouse orders when the Empire menu is open
  • Debug logfile (if enabled) saved each time a new line is added

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: AI Core favorite planet is acid instead of frozen
  • Fixed: Galaxia Map not taking changes to the AI Core into account
  • Fixed: Factions trying to build gates in your territory
  • Fixed: Manual Move command not working if the ship is docked (won’t undock)
  • Fixed: Ships with manual ‘protect/escort’ order will stop when target is docked
  • Fixed: Cannot toggle pause when sector info panel is open
  • Fixed: ‘Unknown’ structures could spawn in pirate capital sectors
  • Fixed: ‘warmonger’ faction trait doing the opposite of what’s supposed to do
  • Fixed: Too big a relation penalty for killing foreign builders in your territory
  • Fixed: Trivial issue in cargo pod creation module
  • Fixed: Potential display issue in Orders bar
  • Fixed: Some spelling errors, there’s probably still a bunch remaining.

Note: The crash related to the mission menu has been “patched” and chances of it happening again are minimal. The root cause remains however. Really fixing the issue will require more work than anticipated and will likely break savegames. There’s also a couple of less important issues that have yet to be addressed (not necessarily bugs per say). I’d rather deal with those in the next patch instead of rushing a fix that may be faulty due to a lack of testing.

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