Summer Progress Update

It’s time for a new devlog. I will mostly be discussing After The Collapse. And this time, I will be resurrecting a kind of devlog I used a lot with Unending Galaxy, the deep dive in a specific (soon to be released) feature. In this particular case, we’ll look at the expedition system. As usual with this kind of post, everything below is subject to changes during implementation. Still, the core principles should stay consistent.

Anyway, let’s get started! 🙂

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After The Collapse 0.6.1 : Summer Update

This update is adding a couple new very important features to the base building game. Namely private property, room quality, and the break room. It is also improving the user interface and menus while fixing a bunch of minor bugs that have been present for a while but for which I couldn’t find the time to properly fix until now. Simply put, 0.6.1 should feel more professional than any of the previous releases and leave a much better first impression to new users.

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After The Collapse 0.6 – A Bigger World Out There

The new major 0.6 update, “A Bigger World Out There“, has just been released (and should be delivered to all stores today).

It took a bit longer than anticipated, and I apologize for that. Heat waves, summer and writing complicated code don’t mix very well together. But we got there anyway. This version introduces the world around your playable area. As with every other 0.x.0 release, it comes with new base mechanics and systems we’ll be building upon for the rest of the development cycle. This article will go over the most important changes and what’s planned for the next updates. The full change-log is located at the end, as usual.

Just before we dive in, I have some good news! Valve has recognized After The Collapse as a ‘real’ game, meaning that we will be adding Steam Cards and more achievements in the near future!

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June Progress Update

Anarkis Gaming

Hello there! For once, I’m roughly on time for this month’s devlog. I will mostly discuss After The Collapse’s development and pricing. I will also go over the Steam Summer Sale debacle. For those of you who receive this post through our newsletter, the versions 0.5.8 and 0.5.9 got released in the last couple weeks, you might want to check so posts as well.

Anyway, let’s start! 🙂

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After The Collapse 0.5.8 Released

Yes, finally an update. I know, it took a while.  I thought I could wait until 0.6 was out.  But, so much was added to the 0.5 branch that I might as well release it now.

As you can see, I am also resuming the tradition of posting release updates on the website itself. As we’re publishing to multiple, competing stores who forbid from cross-linking and that writing the exact same post multiple times has very little appeal to me, it’s just easier this way. The update will be released around today on the stores we’re on.

Anyway, let’s get to this release!

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March Progress Update

Hey there, It has been a while!

My apologies, it has been difficult to find time to post here on top of Steam,, and other mediums. I’ll try to get back to the monthly schedule. In any case, this is a perfect time for a progress report: our 0.5 branch is close to completion and we’ll soon be starting to work on the 0.6 branch. This gives me the opportunity to explain what’s coming next for After The Collapse. However, before we get into the progress report proper, I have a few website related announcements to make.

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