[Design] Unending Galaxy 1.3 Roadmap

Hi there!

With 1.2 being quite stable now (low/high surrogate bug aside, I will get back to that point further down), it’s time to talk about the next major update. But before going into it and given that I am now talking to hundreds of people instead of a few dozens, it’s time to explain a few things again:

Unending Galaxy version numbers are more akin to software than to games. The game will keep getting updates for as long as it’s possible for me to afford it. The main goal of future game projects is to keep funding UG. All updates will be free, however I don’t discard the option to release mods and maps as optional DLC.

Our next major update, aka 1.3, will be taking care of the military side of the game. The main goal is to make the different factions and ships more unique, make the military and diplomatic bits more interesting, while adding new features and missions to spice up the game when not playing as a faction.

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[devlog] Combat Settings and Drones

asterianexplorerHey !

This devlog will mostly focus on a few features that are only partially implemented as it is. I usually try to focus on things that are already ready (or nearly), but I am not sure that telling you about the font switching in a few hundreds of user-interface elements would be very enjoyable for any of us. I will only say one thing on that matter, when making a menu heavy game, settle for a font before designing your menus, especially if it’s differently sized than the previous one.

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