After the Collapse – devlog #1 : Setting up the basics

This was a decent week. I implemented the two most fundamental parts of any base building game: the ability to store resources in zones for later use, and factories able to convert basic materials into more useful items. Settlers’ ability to move resources around accordingly seems to be working properly. I can have multiple active ‘factories’, building locations and storage zones simultaneously and required goods get moved around without performance or logic problems.

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[Design] Unending Galaxy 1.3 Roadmap

Hi there!

With 1.2 being quite stable now (low/high surrogate bug aside, I will get back to that point further down), it’s time to talk about the next major update. But before going into it and given that I am now talking to hundreds of people instead of a few dozens, it’s time to explain a few things again:

Unending Galaxy version numbers are more akin to software than to games. The game will keep getting updates for as long as it’s possible for me to afford it. The main goal of future game projects is to keep funding UG. All updates will be free, however I don’t discard the option to release mods and maps as optional DLC.

Our next major update, aka 1.3, will be taking care of the military side of the game. The main goal is to make the different factions and ships more unique, make the military and diplomatic bits more interesting, while adding new features and missions to spice up the game when not playing as a faction.

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[design] What Next ?

title06Hey !

First, a reminder that Unending Galaxy has been submitted to Steam Greenlight, so please consider giving it your vote, that would help immensely. People who already bought the game on other market-places will get a free key when the game gets released on Steam. And in case you missed the post, the version has been released too.

That being said, let’s see what awaits us in the next phases of development. Of course, we’ll have a few maintenance patches to fix and improve the existing stuff, but that shouldn’t take very long. What we’re going to see here are more long term and larger themes. As with all posts labeled “design”, those are general ideas that may be either integrated fully, with modification or even discarded entirely. I do not have an ETA for those general ideas, and you are welcome to comment and contribute. Also, note that I am going to take a couple weeks of (much needed) vacation, and as such, I won’t be as responsive as you’re used to this month.

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Devlog and Design: Trading !

Snap1394Hi there !

Sorry for the small delay, I made the mistake of launching Crusader Kings II, and well, restoring the roman empire took a bit longer than expected (freaking HRE who decided to be a stable and powerful blob for once). And many thanks to those who bought the game on or donated. Beta 2.1 seems to works okay for most if not all of you, which is good 🙂

Anyway, it is time to deal with the trading part of things, and there’s a lot of ground to cover. This post will discuss what I am doing now and what are the goals for the beta 3. Hopefully it should be released before the end of the month.

edit: I removed the discus comment system on the website and put back the old one. Discus was getting out of hand and calling scripts from dodgy and privacy invasive websites. Also replaced and improved some other features of the website, and added an option to subscribe by email. The mobile version should be easier to read and navigate too.

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Thoughts on Grand Rogue Auto

game061mainFor those who don’t know about it, GRA was my previous project, a GTA themed rogue-like taking place in a fully simulated (and procedurally generated) city. It featured several thousands of persistent NPC, destructible terrain, several starting scenarios (including zombie invasion), a localized damage system and a powerful game editor. On the other hand it was rather aimless, very buggy and didn’t have a proper save-game support.

I am often asked about Grand Rogue Auto, and I recently reviewed the code to see what’s salvageable and what’s not, so I guess that I might as well explain here what are my future plans regarding this game and while at it do a small post-mortem analysis. This is a long post, and some parts have been written quite a while ago.

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Design: Diplomacy in Unending Galaxy

Snap726I am writing the diplomatic part of UG right now, which is a nice change from the last week spent pinpointing the crash on more or less random machines. So, instead of talking about bugs, let’s talk about diplomacy in games and more particularly in Unending Galaxy.

As with all design documents I post, not everything I am writing about here is finalized. Some of it may be changed, improved or even scrapped altogether.

Enjoy 🙂

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