Devlog: Ship menu, friendly fire and coding

This one is going to be shorter than usual. I had to re-install Windows completely and, of course, everything that goes with it (drivers, updates, settings, most programs, my dev environment…), and it took quite a bit of time. But don’t worry, no data was lost and I still managed to make some important changes and additions.

I rewrote the Ship Info menu, which will allow you to setup and give order to your ships more easily. I also implemented different friendly fire settings so you can attack enemy assets without worrying about hitting neutrals. As usual, I will explain these changes (amongst more technical ones) into more details in the full article.

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Unending Galaxy : Dev Update 04-02-04

Regular updates also mean (more than usual) somewhat boring updates from time to time too. But, fear not ! There’s two screenshots, with one featuring a few ships of the third main race. Next article should be more interesting as it will be a design document about how the navigation across the universe will work. Things will be fairly different from the gate / jumpdrive system of the X games.

Enjoy ! 🙂

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