[devlog] Steam Edition Incoming

steam_maincapsuleHi there !

Apologies for the lack of updates since the 1.15 release. The main reason is that what I am currently doing related to Unending Galaxy isn’t exactly great reading material for an in-depth article. With the game being released on Steam very soon, most of my time is spent proof reading and optimizing the code.

Anyway, yes, Unending Galaxy will be available on Steam very soon. The initial release won’t integrate all the bells and whistles, but I plan on gradually adding achievements and steam workshop support once the dust has settled a bit.

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Unending Galaxy 1.1.5 Released !

Snap1645Unending Galaxy 1.1.5 has just been released !

This release is a major improvement over the last official version. Beside fixing many issues detected by our users on the forums (thank you all for your help), it improves the user interface, makes managers more useful, adds new graphical settings and many other requested features.

Also included in the Deluxe Edition are two new maps, a whole new powerful and playable faction, the Ceridan Empire, and a new ‘colonization type’ scenario. It also unlocks a new special chain of events that will cause the Ceridans to appear in your galaxy.

All the new versions are available on the download page. For those who already own the game, your favorite store should get the new version shortly depending on how long it takes to upload everything. Additional details, including full changelog are available below.

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[devlog] New factions, weapons, and other content

Hi there !

Lots of content being added with two new factions and multiple docks, ships and weaponry. One of those factions likely to be tied to the event system. I also redesigned the main UI a bit. I made damage types more interesting and added an editor for it.

It’s also a good time to tell that if you found a bug in the latest beta (4.1), be a dear and report it, I may not know about it.

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Devlog: Territorial expansion

Snap1418Hey there,

Sorry for the delay. As this week has been mostly about testing and balancing, it’s going to be a fairly unusual devlog format (I also apologize in advance for the mostly unrelated screenshots alongside the article). The seemingly small change of assigning sector ownership to whoever hold the most factories in the area, or to the first one to drop a military base, had extremely large repercussions in many, many parts of the game. As there’s really no accurate way to “speed up” the game to test said feature, I basically had to let the game run itself days and nights while occasionally monitoring and tuning the effects. Let’s see what happened.

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Devlog: The Devil is in the Details

Snap18Devlog time !

When programmers say that the last 10% of a task tend to take 90% of the time, they are not kidding. One big exception aside, this week’s changes are mostly details, some big, some small, but all needed in a way or another.

I divided my free time between improving the user interface, adding the ability to customize your faction (as quickly explained last week), fixing a few limitations of the rendering system and further balancing the in-game weapons.

On a side note, I also fought against a massive spam bot invasion on most parts of the website. It’s under control now, but it is fairly unusual to see such stubbornness from a single spammer (as far as I can tell) against a fairly low traffic website like mine.

As usual, the full article will explain those improvements into details. Enjoy !

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Devlog: Tech Groups and User Interface

Snap783Weekly devlog, also a bit of design.

I am fixing the few issues specific to the 0.7 release, improving the GUI and adding more options to define the maps. More importantly I am slowly implementing Tech Groups. Normally, ship and dock designs are mostly locked to specific faction, with the exception of ISA ships which are available to all races which elect to use them. Instead I am going assign them to tech groups. Each AI faction will, of course, have its tech group, so no change here. However, the player will be allowed to choose its own group at the beginning of the game. So if he wants to use Drath or Sirak designs, he can. This new feature will also allow the player to buy designs from other factions later on. Read More …