After the Collapse – devlog #4: Survivors and UI

Hi there, it’s time for another devlog detailing the progress made on After the Collapse, our post-apocalyptic base building game. This article is mostly going to explain the systems I’m putting in place to have varied and interesting survivors. For the newcomers, I would suggest to give the previous article a read first. I will also go through various improvements being made to the user interface and game systems. Enjoy!

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After the Collapse – devlog #2: Mostly Crafting

Hi, it’s time for a new devlog!

I have settled for a name for the base building game, After the Collapse. It’s not the most original name ever produced but it still convey the game’s setting. Also while this devlog contains screenshots, be aware that those screenshots are showing placeholder assets and do not represent the style or atmosphere I am aiming for. Now that you have been warned, let’s get to it. Read More …

[devlog] Misc Improvements

Snap1612Hi there !

Thank you for your kind words regarding my injuries, I am more or less back to coding. Still condemned to eat mostly liquid food for a while. As a result, I am making a list of all the different food stuff I am going to eat when I am done :).

Anyway, this week hasn’t been focused in anything in particular. I addressed the bugs that have been reported so far, improved things left and right in the user interface, changed a few rules, finished work on the camera system, implemented a few ideas from the community, and so on. Let’s call it a general maintenance week. It’s going to be slightly difficult to make a coherent post out of all that, but let’s try nonetheless.

Enjoy ! 🙂

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[devlog] 1.0 Release Inbound

rtitle06Hey !

This is likely the last big devlog before the 1.0 release, which is planned for around June the 15th. Hey, I am only 3-4 months late on what was supposed to be a one year project, that’s not bad. While we are checking the general news, you can now buy Unending Galaxy at the Indie Game Stand (they accept Bitcoins and Amazon virtual currencies, alongside the usual CC and paypal). Also, the SpaceGameJunkie website published a very long let’s play of the beta 5. There’s a couple of mistakes in the video that I corrected in the comments, but all things considered it was good feedback and I will improve a few things in the UI according to it. I still have to make a decent trailer on my side.

Anyway, back to the game itself ! This is full crunch time, and I barely do anything but code and drink energy drinks (I should have asked for a sponsorship to Monster), it’s a good thing that what’s left isn’t that complicated code wise. This is still a tricky devlog to write as one of the major addition is also a pretty big spoiler, so we’ll get to that part last.

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[devlog] Procedural Map Generation

rtitle02Hey !

This devlog is a bit late, last time I promised that this update would be about the procedural map and that’s kinda why. I, as usual, got sidetracked into other things which delayed this post by a few days.

Anyway, there’s a lot to look at beside the procedural map generation, which is still in its infancy (but don’t worry I’ll talk about it too). I added the ability to choose the equipment for ships built at player shipyards, made multiple changes to the game’s pacing, added several tools and functions to the game editors, and finally I did most of the optimization pass with very good results.

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[devlog] New factions, weapons, and other content

Hi there !

Lots of content being added with two new factions and multiple docks, ships and weaponry. One of those factions likely to be tied to the event system. I also redesigned the main UI a bit. I made damage types more interesting and added an editor for it.

It’s also a good time to tell that if you found a bug in the latest beta (4.1), be a dear and report it, I may not know about it.

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Devlog: Trading System (mostly)

title07My apologies for the delayed devlog, it has been a busy month for me, but don’t worry the development is still going as it’s used to. Beta 4 is even going to be released later this week barring any last minute major problem.

Back on topic, the last two weeks were spent putting the finishing touches on the general user interface, fixing a bazillion small issues, improving things left and right, and more importantly finalizing the trading system.

Let’s get to it 🙂

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