Devlog: Yaarrr !

Snap1278First of all, thanks to iski19 for his donation, you will receive a mail shortly.

Now, let’s get to what has been done during last week. As expected, it’s mostly about the pirate faction, and especially about individual pirate base AI. There has been a follow up on the changes I implemented last week, regarding ship movements, too. Oh, and while at it, I added a dynamic pause button, so you can issue commands while the game is paused. And I replaced a few sprites, added new pirate vessels, and began changing ship flight stats to accommodate the new physics.

Let’s get started, shall we ? 🙂

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Devlog: I was supposed to take a week off…

… and I failed ! 🙂

Snap1272General news about the Beta 1

But first, no game breaking / crash bug reported so far, and only a few misc issues. The game also stayed in the Top 100 of IndieDB during 5 whole days (got up to the 9th position).  We also got donations (you’ll receive an email and the game editor shortly), thank you very much ! A short let’s play has also been published on Youtube. All this with basically no advertisement or press release. I initially thought of making one, but I’d rather wait for beta 2 (in 2 to 4 weeks, roughly), so the game has more content/missions, and other default settings defaults in the new game menu.

The documentation has also been updated. Some parts are still missing, but all in all, it should be enough to understand what’s going on. The forum has been updated too, I will publish the design documents there from now on. One related to the beta 2 has been posted.

New Flight Controls

Let’s get to what I did instead of taking a week off. 🙂

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