Unending Galaxy Post Mortem : 2nd Edition

Two years ago, we had our first Unending Galaxy post mortem. It covered, for the most part, the financial and advertising aspect of things, with little regard to the game itself. While I don’t think that part needs much of an update (numbers have changed, multiply steam sales by 1.5 or so, but the general idea is still roughly the same), I think it would be interesting to cover the game, what worked, what didn’t and so on. Your input would be valuable too, so feel free to leave a comment about it. Just understand, this is NOT an official announcement about a sequel, while it will obviously happen at some point, we’re not remotely there yet.

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Unending Galaxy: Post Mortem

Here is Unending Galaxy‘s post-mortem! The game still sells relatively well given the niche market I was targeting in the first place, but I think this can be an interesting read to any solo developer tempted to make and publish a game. Also, I haven’t posted something interesting here in a while.

I’ll also publish posts about future projects, and what’s in store for Unending Galaxy in the following days.

Enjoy 🙂

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Thoughts on Grand Rogue Auto

game061mainFor those who don’t know about it, GRA was my previous project, a GTA themed rogue-like taking place in a fully simulated (and procedurally generated) city. It featured several thousands of persistent NPC, destructible terrain, several starting scenarios (including zombie invasion), a localized damage system and a powerful game editor. On the other hand it was rather aimless, very buggy and didn’t have a proper save-game support.

I am often asked about Grand Rogue Auto, and I recently reviewed the code to see what’s salvageable and what’s not, so I guess that I might as well explain here what are my future plans regarding this game and while at it do a small post-mortem analysis. This is a long post, and some parts have been written quite a while ago.

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