Devlog: Beta 2 release is in sight

Snap1348Hi there !

So, the issue with the hard drive wasn’t too bad after all. The only loss is a part of my source control (git). This barbaric term describes a program that keep track of all the changes I make in the source code and which usually come with the ability to compare files with their older versions, track changelog, restore previous versions and so on. Loosing part of it isn’t really a problem except that it makes writing this article a bit more difficult. While I do keep the changelog file up to date separately, changes are written in no particular order, so I may be a bit fuzzy on the things I added between the last devlog and the last 3 days.

Anyway, there’s still plenty to discuss so let’s get to it, shall we 🙂

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Devlog: Comms and Trading

Snap702Hey, weekly devlog thingy !

I will make this one short, not because there’s not a lot that has been done, but because the important bits can be explained rather quickly, for once (and absolutely not because I need to sleep). Anyway ! In the stuff that you can see, I started improving the communication channel thingy with the other ships and added a setup menu for your factories. In the stuff you can’t, I drastically improved stability and multi-threading.

As usual details and relevant screenshots in the article. Enjoy 🙂

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Devlog: Missions (and lot of other stuff) !

Snap688Hey, It’s time for our weekly development update and it’s a big one !

Changes to the user interface went faster than expected, so I found some time to implement the mission system that would have been delayed until next week otherwise. I also implemented a basic support for music (announcement coming up, by the way), added a few new art assets while improving existing one, and made several improvements both in terms of performances and gameplay.

As usual, the following post explains all this in a more detailed manner. Also, expect a “design / state of the development” kind of post soon to summarize how far we are and what’s left to do.

Enjoy ! 🙂
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