Sale on and 1.2.5 news

A quick post to tell you that Unending Galaxy is on sale (-35%) on right now with the beta 1.2.5 included (a steam key come with any purchase). Barring any last minute problem, the official release is planned for next week-end.

I am currently ironing out the last few glitches and adding a few community requested features (for instance, double clicking any of your ships or stations will open the relevant setup menu).

Meanwhile, be sure to check out the Star Wars mod made by Frostbyte704.



Unending Galaxy 1.2.5 Beta 20160602

Hi there !

Apologies for the delay, I have been moving to a new flat, and well, it took some time to move all my things from a place to another, get a working internet connection and so on. But, hey, it’s a much nicer place and I am more or less ready to resume work full-time.

Speaking of work, due to the major stability and quality of life improvements I made to Unending Galaxy recently, I think it should be better to release a 1.2.5 version before the official 1.3 release. Changes between 1.2 and 1.2.5 are massive enough to justify a full release anyway, and to avoid another problematic launch, I am publishing a beta version on and Steam today.

Let’s see what you can expect in this beta version.

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[Design] Unending Galaxy 1.3 Roadmap

Hi there!

With 1.2 being quite stable now (low/high surrogate bug aside, I will get back to that point further down), it’s time to talk about the next major update. But before going into it and given that I am now talking to hundreds of people instead of a few dozens, it’s time to explain a few things again:

Unending Galaxy version numbers are more akin to software than to games. The game will keep getting updates for as long as it’s possible for me to afford it. The main goal of future game projects is to keep funding UG. All updates will be free, however I don’t discard the option to release mods and maps as optional DLC.

Our next major update, aka 1.3, will be taking care of the military side of the game. The main goal is to make the different factions and ships more unique, make the military and diplomatic bits more interesting, while adding new features and missions to spice up the game when not playing as a faction.

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What Now ?


So it has been a week since the Steam release of Unending Galaxy, I suppose it’s time to make a post about it. Well, it was a fairly exhausting process! Between marketing, community management, and the obligatory post launch patches I barely slept during the whole week. All things considered, and despite slightly worse reviews than expected (most of them due to bugs in the initial release), it was a success. Sales are above what I planned, and as such I am fairly confident I can make a living in this line of work.

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Unending Galaxy 1.2 Released !

Unending Galaxy v1.2 has just been released !

As promised, Unending Galaxy is finally available on Steam. This version adds a nice coat of polish over the previous 1.1.5 version alongside many requested features.

The military AI is noticeably stronger. Ship to ship communications have been massively improved, the police and bounty hunters will hail you before attacking you. Police and military response against the player is more proportionate. Graphics, sounds, music and texts have been improved. Many menus got reworked (ship equipment screens in particular). And, as usual, many bug fixes and smaller improvements.

You can buy Unending Galaxy from the download page. For those who already own the game, your favorite store should get the new version shortly depending on how long it takes to upload everything. The full changelog is available below.

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Unending Galaxy Release Date

As promised, here is the official release date. Unending Galaxy will be available on Steam the Feb 19, 2016 at 7:00pm PST. This version features cards and badges but no achievements or workshop support, yet. Achievements should be added soon after release. Workshop support may take a bit of time.

People who got Unending Galaxy on another store, check this article.

[devlog] Steam Edition Incoming

steam_maincapsuleHi there !

Apologies for the lack of updates since the 1.15 release. The main reason is that what I am currently doing related to Unending Galaxy isn’t exactly great reading material for an in-depth article. With the game being released on Steam very soon, most of my time is spent proof reading and optimizing the code.

Anyway, yes, Unending Galaxy will be available on Steam very soon. The initial release won’t integrate all the bells and whistles, but I plan on gradually adding achievements and steam workshop support once the dust has settled a bit.

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