Unending Galaxy 0.7.0 Released !

Snap747If you follow the website, you already know it is a very large update that mainly focus on the diplomatic and warfare parts of things. However there’s a large chunk of improvements that have been made in other areas as well. As usual, the full article will go into the details, but here are the most important bits:

  • Diplomacy between factions with alliances, cease fires, and more
  • Heavily improved how factions handle their military fleets
  • Military production depending on the economy
  • Proper solar systems with planetary colonies bringing bonuses
  • Rebalanced the ships and weapons and added new ones
  • A new faction (Neo-SPQR) and a new huge map (Galaxia).
  • Faster navigation thanks to the new short range jumpdrives
  • Much better performances and stability

Download the AlphaUpdated Documentation  – Full Changelog

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Devlog: Swarm, shipyards, and diplomacy

Snap729Hi there, it’s time for our usual devlog !

Despite what has been a really bad week IRL, I still managed to make quite a lot of progress on Unending Galaxy. A bit unfocussed, but progress nonetheless. I am more or less done with the diplomatic portion of the game that I explained in the previous post.  I also implement the new Swarm baddies featured in the screenshot. More importantly I added a proper shipyard component and menu with the ability to queue ships to build and so on. There’s also a bunch of misc optimizations, rebalancing, and fixes.

As usual, those changes will be detailed in the article.

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Design: Diplomacy in Unending Galaxy

Snap726I am writing the diplomatic part of UG right now, which is a nice change from the last week spent pinpointing the crash on more or less random machines. So, instead of talking about bugs, let’s talk about diplomacy in games and more particularly in Unending Galaxy.

As with all design documents I post, not everything I am writing about here is finalized. Some of it may be changed, improved or even scrapped altogether.

Enjoy 🙂

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Unending Galaxy 0.6.3 Released !

Snap724Sorry for those multiple updates in such a short time, but a major bug that was running wild for quite a while needed to be fixed asap. If you had no issues with the previous versions, you may as well wait for the September release as there’s no major gameplay changes here. However if you experienced extremely poor performances, flickering, or the game flat out refusing to go past the loading screen until now, this new version should fix these issues completely. Thanks goes to Frederikam for helping out in finding what was causing that.

While at it, I fixed a few additional bugs and memory leaks. I also improved the rendering of text, added some needed information in some menus, this kind of stuff. That said and due to the fact that I am using a newer version of the library that was causing the crashes on some systems, there may be side effects I am not aware of yet. If you find anything weird, please tell me through the forum.

And, there won’t be a devlog this week, as most of my time has been spent clearing this particular issue.

Download the AlphaUpdated Documentation Full Changelog

State of the Development

Snap693I think it’s a good time to summarize what has been done and what’s left to do regarding Unending Galaxy. This is going to be a long post, but hopefully more interesting than usual, that will go through all aspects of the game. Note that this is about the current in-house build and not the 0.5.5 demo. If it’s your first time on the website, you may want to check the product page first to know what I am talking about.

Feel free to comment and post ideas before we are out of the stage at which I still may consider new features and major changes. You don’t need to register to do so, I know most people don’t like Disqus but that was either that or wasting my time erasing loads of spam every day.

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