Devlog: Scavengers and passengers (also stats!)

Snap1176Hi, first of all, sorry for the slight delay with this development log.

Anyway, this week focused on adding some gameplay features with new lucrative jobs for both the player and the NPC ships thanks to the introduction of passengers. I also greatly improved the sector map usefulness, added a screen with the statistics of the the various factions over time, added new AI for ships, and many other improvements that will be detailed in this article.

Enjoy 🙂

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Devlog: Onward to the Beta Version !

Snap1168Hi there ! Devlog  time !

First of all, sorry for the weird rotating bullets in the previous release, it’s caused by the rotating warpgates code added a bit in a hurry. I am not going to publish a fix just for that graphical glitch even if it’s fixed by now, making a new release takes roughly a full day and given the current circumstances (which aren’t going any better), I’d rather spend my free time coding toward the next version which will be labelled as Beta 1. Yes, the official beta version is on it’s way, and that’s what we’re going to discuss here.

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Devlog: A massive amount of stuff done

medmapYeah, I know my titles are getting worse and worse 🙂

Good news first, I added proper solar systems, planets with colonies having different effects on the faction controlling them. Ships can jump short distances without using a warpgate. A new faction with its own ships has been implemented. I also fixed a bunch of issues, further improved the performances and did a ton of misc improvements.

The bad news is that mid September for the proper beta version is probably a bit optimistic. While the empire management / RTS part of the game is improving nicely, the exploration / single ship is still quite bland and incomplete. I may have to push back to October instead so I can incorporate more missions and the reputation system properly. As a result I may publish another alpha relatively soon so you can see what has been done so far by yourselves.

Anyway, let’s get to it !

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Devlog: Swarm, shipyards, and diplomacy

Snap729Hi there, it’s time for our usual devlog !

Despite what has been a really bad week IRL, I still managed to make quite a lot of progress on Unending Galaxy. A bit unfocussed, but progress nonetheless. I am more or less done with the diplomatic portion of the game that I explained in the previous post.  I also implement the new Swarm baddies featured in the screenshot. More importantly I added a proper shipyard component and menu with the ability to queue ships to build and so on. There’s also a bunch of misc optimizations, rebalancing, and fixes.

As usual, those changes will be detailed in the article.

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State of the Development

Snap693I think it’s a good time to summarize what has been done and what’s left to do regarding Unending Galaxy. This is going to be a long post, but hopefully more interesting than usual, that will go through all aspects of the game. Note that this is about the current in-house build and not the 0.5.5 demo. If it’s your first time on the website, you may want to check the product page first to know what I am talking about.

Feel free to comment and post ideas before we are out of the stage at which I still may consider new features and major changes. You don’t need to register to do so, I know most people don’t like Disqus but that was either that or wasting my time erasing loads of spam every day.

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Devlog: Dynamic Economy, Map and AI

g01Hey there, here’s the weekly devlog !

This week I followed up on the large task of putting a decent AI into individual ships, I also added the popup info panel discussed last week to the galactic map, and more importantly the economy is now using a dynamic pricing system. I also fixed, amongst other things, a critical bug on some Windows XP / DirectX 9 configurations that was causing the game to render in software mode. As usual, I’ll explain things into more details in the article below.

In other news, we now have a dedicated artist ! This planet has been drawn by him. He will also complete and improve our current set of portraits, logos, ships and star systems.

Unending Galaxy has also a facebook page, so if you want to follow the game from there, it’s now possible.

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Devlog : Bounty Hunters, Map, Economics

galmapnewHey ! Here is a new Unending Galaxy devlog.

Before talking about the game itself, I made some changes to the website. The comment system is now using Disqus, you can post anonymously or login with your Google+, Facebook, Twitter or Disqus account. More importantly I added a F.A.Q. for the game to help clearing a few questions you may have.

Regarding the game itself, this week on the AI front the Asteroid Miner AI was improved, a basic Bounty Hunter AI was implemented and I am in the process of putting actual pilots into ships. In other news, I improved the Galactic Map and economy. As usual, the full article will explain those changes in details.

Enjoy !

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