Devlog: Onward to the Beta Version !

Snap1168Hi there ! Devlog  time !

First of all, sorry for the weird rotating bullets in the previous release, it’s caused by the rotating warpgates code added a bit in a hurry. I am not going to publish a fix just for that graphical glitch even if it’s fixed by now, making a new release takes roughly a full day and given the current circumstances (which aren’t going any better), I’d rather spend my free time coding toward the next version which will be labelled as Beta 1. Yes, the official beta version is on it’s way, and that’s what we’re going to discuss here.

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Devlog: The Devil is in the Details

Snap18Devlog time !

When programmers say that the last 10% of a task tend to take 90% of the time, they are not kidding. One big exception aside, this week’s changes are mostly details, some big, some small, but all needed in a way or another.

I divided my free time between improving the user interface, adding the ability to customize your faction (as quickly explained last week), fixing a few limitations of the rendering system and further balancing the in-game weapons.

On a side note, I also fought against a massive spam bot invasion on most parts of the website. It’s under control now, but it is fairly unusual to see such stubbornness from a single spammer (as far as I can tell) against a fairly low traffic website like mine.

As usual, the full article will explain those improvements into details. Enjoy !

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Devlog: Tech Groups and User Interface

Snap783Weekly devlog, also a bit of design.

I am fixing the few issues specific to the 0.7 release, improving the GUI and adding more options to define the maps. More importantly I am slowly implementing Tech Groups. Normally, ship and dock designs are mostly locked to specific faction, with the exception of ISA ships which are available to all races which elect to use them. Instead I am going assign them to tech groups. Each AI faction will, of course, have its tech group, so no change here. However, the player will be allowed to choose its own group at the beginning of the game. So if he wants to use Drath or Sirak designs, he can. This new feature will also allow the player to buy designs from other factions later on. Read More …

State of the Development

Snap693I think it’s a good time to summarize what has been done and what’s left to do regarding Unending Galaxy. This is going to be a long post, but hopefully more interesting than usual, that will go through all aspects of the game. Note that this is about the current in-house build and not the 0.5.5 demo. If it’s your first time on the website, you may want to check the product page first to know what I am talking about.

Feel free to comment and post ideas before we are out of the stage at which I still may consider new features and major changes. You don’t need to register to do so, I know most people don’t like Disqus but that was either that or wasting my time erasing loads of spam every day.

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Devlog : Shaders and other stuff

Hum, that was a busy week code wise, but I can’t say it really shows in-game, but I have done a lot of code changes I postponed for too long. I rewrote the way objects are stored and deleted from memory, which massively improved performances under some situations, but that is code spread around my whole source code and debugging isn’t finished yet. I also rewrote the rendering engine. It’s better and can use shading effects from your GPU. And as usual some bug fixes. So yeah, fairly technical post ahead.

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