[devlog] 1.0 Release Inbound

rtitle06Hey !

This is likely the last big devlog before the 1.0 release, which is planned for around June the 15th. Hey, I am only 3-4 months late on what was supposed to be a one year project, that’s not bad. While we are checking the general news, you can now buy Unending Galaxy at the Indie Game Stand (they accept Bitcoins and Amazon virtual currencies, alongside the usual CC and paypal). Also, the SpaceGameJunkie website published a very long let’s play of the beta 5. There’s a couple of mistakes in the video that I corrected in the comments, but all things considered it was good feedback and I will improve a few things in the UI according to it. I still have to make a decent trailer on my side.

Anyway, back to the game itself ! This is full crunch time, and I barely do anything but code and drink energy drinks (I should have asked for a sponsorship to Monster), it’s a good thing that what’s left isn’t that complicated code wise. This is still a tricky devlog to write as one of the major addition is also a pretty big spoiler, so we’ll get to that part last.

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Devlog: Onward to the Beta Version !

Snap1168Hi there ! Devlog  time !

First of all, sorry for the weird rotating bullets in the previous release, it’s caused by the rotating warpgates code added a bit in a hurry. I am not going to publish a fix just for that graphical glitch even if it’s fixed by now, making a new release takes roughly a full day and given the current circumstances (which aren’t going any better), I’d rather spend my free time coding toward the next version which will be labelled as Beta 1. Yes, the official beta version is on it’s way, and that’s what we’re going to discuss here.

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Devlog: A massive amount of stuff done

medmapYeah, I know my titles are getting worse and worse 🙂

Good news first, I added proper solar systems, planets with colonies having different effects on the faction controlling them. Ships can jump short distances without using a warpgate. A new faction with its own ships has been implemented. I also fixed a bunch of issues, further improved the performances and did a ton of misc improvements.

The bad news is that mid September for the proper beta version is probably a bit optimistic. While the empire management / RTS part of the game is improving nicely, the exploration / single ship is still quite bland and incomplete. I may have to push back to October instead so I can incorporate more missions and the reputation system properly. As a result I may publish another alpha relatively soon so you can see what has been done so far by yourselves.

Anyway, let’s get to it !

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Devlog : Bounty Hunters, Map, Economics

galmapnewHey ! Here is a new Unending Galaxy devlog.

Before talking about the game itself, I made some changes to the website. The comment system is now using Disqus, you can post anonymously or login with your Google+, Facebook, Twitter or Disqus account. More importantly I added a F.A.Q. for the game to help clearing a few questions you may have.

Regarding the game itself, this week on the AI front the Asteroid Miner AI was improved, a basic Bounty Hunter AI was implemented and I am in the process of putting actual pilots into ships. In other news, I improved the Galactic Map and economy. As usual, the full article will explain those changes in details.

Enjoy !

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Devlog : Galactic Map & Miners

Snap662As said on our twitter feed, I fixed a bug that was causing a kind of global crash / meltdown of the game, usually happening after a few hours, but sometimes very quickly. And of course, it was trivially easy to fix. I am torn on publishing a hotfix just for that, especially now that many other features have been partly implemented and are still mostly untested. We’ll see in a week or two when the dust settles.

Speaking of features, the main additions are the new integrated galactic map, as shown on the screenshot, the addition of civilian mining ships and a new way to handle weapons. I will go into more details about those in this article.

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