Thoughts on Grand Rogue Auto

game061mainFor those who don’t know about it, GRA was my previous project, a GTA themed rogue-like taking place in a fully simulated (and procedurally generated) city. It featured several thousands of persistent NPC, destructible terrain, several starting scenarios (including zombie invasion), a localized damage system and a powerful game editor. On the other hand it was rather aimless, very buggy and didn’t have a proper save-game support.

I am often asked about Grand Rogue Auto, and I recently reviewed the code to see what’s salvageable and what’s not, so I guess that I might as well explain here what are my future plans regarding this game and while at it do a small post-mortem analysis. This is a long post, and some parts have been written quite a while ago.

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Design: Diplomacy in Unending Galaxy

Snap726I am writing the diplomatic part of UG right now, which is a nice change from the last week spent pinpointing the crash on more or less random machines. So, instead of talking about bugs, let’s talk about diplomacy in games and more particularly in Unending Galaxy.

As with all design documents I post, not everything I am writing about here is finalized. Some of it may be changed, improved or even scrapped altogether.

Enjoy πŸ™‚

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State of the Development

Snap693I think it’s a good time to summarize what has been done and what’s left to do regarding Unending Galaxy. This is going to be a long post, but hopefully more interesting than usual, that will go through all aspects of the game. Note that this is about the current in-house build and not the 0.5.5 demo. If it’s your first time on the website, you may want to check the product page first to know what I am talking about.

Feel free to comment and post ideas before we are out of the stage at which I still may consider new features and major changes. You don’t need to register to do so, I know most people don’t like Disqus but that was either that or wasting my time erasing loads of spam every day.

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Design : Factions, diplomacy and pirates

First of all, obligatory screenshot from the version I am working on πŸ™‚

Snap606While I am waiting for the latest alpha (to be released between Sunday and Monday) to crash on me, I think it’s time for an update on how factions will work and interact in the game given it’s what I am going to focus on next. As usual with design documents not much is set in stones until the code is actually written, so comments and ideas are welcome.

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Unending Galaxy : Navigation and Map

Messy BattleAs promised, here is an article regarding the navigation system that will be used in Unending Galaxy. This is a design article, so as usual with such articles, not all the features listed here are already implemented, and some things may very well change during development.

Also, screenshot of a messy battle, just to say that the inter-faction warfare is making progress.

Enjoy ! πŸ™‚

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